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July 20, 2017

Make your winter season a musical one with JBL Speakers

For every driving enthusiast, the experience of listening to their favorite song in their car is equally or rather more important than the song itself. This makes an audio system one of the most fundamental components in a car. With its tiny musical ebbs and flows, a car audio system is expected to hit every beat flawlessly and play every note clearly. For all those music buffs looking for a stereo system that can satiate their high-quality musical tastes, Ryda has come up with some exclusive labels who specialize in killer sound output. So, choosing a right audio system for your car is not a big deal anymore if you have us as your mentor! By keeping your requirements in mind, we have curated a selection of brands that deliver on the promise of their top quality sound and technical p...

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March 30, 2017

DS18 Car Audio Units – The New Cool Kids On the Block!

No matter how revolutionary and advanced the old players and pioneers (no pun intended) of the audio industry get, one cannot beat the buzz a relatively brand new and unheard of brand creates! So today we are introducing to you our current obsession – DS18! Launched in the US and based out of Miami, this brand is creating ripples that are definitely not going unnoticed. Although, there is still time before they start outclassing the well-established brands on the market. It’s still a long way to go but the journey for DS18 manufacturers looks all the more exciting. So, as a consumer looking to switch or upgrade their car amps or speakers, should you consider DS18 as a potential option for your car audio improvements? A 100% yes! Unless you are fanatically aligned with a certain bran...

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February 14, 2017

Gift an All-in-One Panasonic This Valentine’s or even Post V-Day :)

February, the month of celebrating love and most importantly Valentine's is here. While showing love and gratitude should not just be restricted to this one month in a year, but something about February accentuates all our goodness and the goodness in others. Most people can be seen making special efforts to leave a great first impression or racking their brains to find a unique token of love just to let someone know how much they matter. But if you are not the mushy kind and believe in gifting something substantial as a long-lasting memory of your gesture, then we at Ryda can definitely help. Of all the gadgets we have, we are sure a music device will click immediately as “the gift” and you can never go wrong with gifting one too! So if its a music device you decide on then the Pa...

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