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All About Subwoofers – Making Audio Sound Right

Do you want your music and movie sounds to be crystal clear and make a deep impact? If yes, then it is a subwoofer that will do the trick for you. Subwoofers are dedicated bass speakers that are part of an audio system, complete with tweeters and woofers, and are installed for reproducing low frequency bass sounds. If your current audio system produces flat music notes, it is probably because the system lacks bass. If that makes you unhappy and does not let you enjoy the amazing song collection that you have, it is time you got over that poor sound quality with a subwoofer

Before you start looking for a good subwoofer, it is important you know how exactly a subwoofer will benefit you. We at Ryda are as particular about clean and clear sounds as any of you out there reading this blog. Read on to know what to look for before you get a subwoofer for yourself.


Extremely Effective – With a well-defined role of enhancing bass sounds, subwoofers lift the burden off from other speakers that are meant to reproduce high or mid-range sound frequencies. After all you do not want to put too much pressure on the main speakers as that can cause distortion of sound. Subwoofers also enable you to hear sounds just as they are intoned, a boon for people with an ear for the finest. They range from 20-200 Hz and add depth to musical notes while heightening and enriching the cinematic as well as home theater surround sounds.

Size Matters – It all depends on the space you are willing to spare for the subwoofer and the kind of bass you want. Basically the larger the subwoofer, the more air it displaces producing louder sounds. If you want a deep bass with that perfect mirror shaking and chest thumping effect, get a 12” subwoofer. For a normal bass a 10” subwoofer will do perfectly while an 8” will be good enough for a tight, punchy performance in a restricted space.

Amplifier Support – Be it a powered sub or a component sub, both need to be connected to an amplifier. Whether through a built-in amp or through an external collection, it is very important to power the subwoofer properly in order to get the best output. The ideal way to have a perfect sub-amp combo is by checking the RMS wattage and impedance of the subwoofer. Then, look for an amplifier, whether two or four channel, that will match your subwoofer’s power ratings for optimum results.


Enclosure Importance – Bass sounds are omni-directional, so if you are able to locate from where the sound is coming then in all probability, the subwoofer is not accurately enclosed. The enclosure type also depends on whether you choose depth or volume. For a deep bass, sealed enclosures are recommended while ported enclosures, with a vent to allow circulation of air are best suited for a forceful bass.

Hope this checklist helps you in creating a fantastic audio system. Visit the Ryda online store for an amazing collection of subwoofers and upgrade from just an average, good enough audio system to a great sounding one.

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  1. Don’t forget that the placement of the sub is extremely important as well, there’s a technique called the “subwoofer crawl” that’ll help you choose the best spot for it.

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