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August 29, 2016

Philips DVT8000 360° Noise-Free Audio Recorder

Keeping track of each important point discussed in a meeting or noting down every sentence said in a lecture becomes quite a task, especially when done for long durations. It is here one chooses to take the help of audio recorders or digital notetakers, but unfortunately, they too cannot do much if you are not in close proximity to the speaker(s). But with the Philips DVT8000 Voice Tracer rocking the portable audio recorders scene, you can easily say bye to all the passe options that give low-quality results. This digital recorder by Philips comprises a DVT 6500 audio recorder along with a superior quality specialized meeting microphone. The two devices combine to make a power gadget that will hardly disappoint. Below we have elaborated on all the features that this digital voice trac...

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June 21, 2016

Olympus Notetakers – Why They’re One of the Best!

While we live in an age where almost anything and everything can be stored on a smartphone or tablet, digital notetakers still have their own loyal base of customers. If you have no idea about Digital Notetakers and why they’re still relevant in the 21st century, you can read our post on Digital Notetakers here. Notetakers from various brands are available in the market but our personal favorite are the ones from Olympus. Not only are they reasonably priced, but are also packed with amazing features! The brand offers a wide range of notetakers, each with its own set of features that serve different requirements. Whether you want it for recording classroom lectures, business meetings or conferences, you will definitely find an Olympus notetaker that will fulfill all your requirements. ...

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April 7, 2016

Digital Note Takers – Never lose an Idea!

Note taking is an art, something that can be attested by almost everyone who takes notes, whether for studies or for work. Today's advanced technology has enabled us to move on from pen and paper,and take notes digitally via a variety of mediums, from laptops to tablets and smartphones. Although nothing can beat the joy of scribbling down your ideas on paper, sometimes that can prove cumbersome, especially if one needs to be fast in jotting down everything. And more often than not, the notes we write down quickly end up being illegible. So how do you take notes efficiently, without missing even a single thing? The answer is Digital Notetakers. Digital notetakers or Dictaphones have been around since quite some time. Earlier they used to be bulky and difficult to operate but today we...

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