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Digital Note Takers – Never lose an Idea!

Note taking is an art, something that can be attested by almost everyone who takes notes, whether for studies or for work. Today’s advanced technology has enabled us to move on from pen and paper,and take notes digitally via a variety of mediums, from laptops to tablets and smartphones. Although nothing can beat the joy of scribbling down your ideas on paper, sometimes that can prove cumbersome, especially if one needs to be fast in jotting down everything. And more often than not, the notes we write down quickly end up being illegible. So how do you take notes efficiently, without missing even a single thing? The answer is Digital Notetakers.


Digital notetakers or Dictaphones have been around since quite some time. Earlier they used to be bulky and difficult to operate but today we have sleek dictaphones that are easy to carry and even fit in the pocket of your jeans. One can use dictaphones for a variety of things, some of them being:

Jotting down Ideas: Most writers will tell you that many of their ideas get lost in transition because when they had that amazing idea for a blogpost or an article, they did not have a pen or paper handy to write them down, or they just forgot the idea before they could write it down. Having a digital notetaker in your purse or bag means that whenever, wherever you have an idea or a great thought, simply take it out and record your thoughts for reviewing later on. Not just writers, but people in professions such as digital marketing and advertising will also benefit from owning a dictaphone as it will enable them to record their thoughts whenever inspiration strikes, whether they’re taking a stroll in the park or are on their daily commute.

Recording Important Conversations: In professions such as criminal investigation, law and even the medical profession, some conversations are quite important and need to be revisited time and again. A digital voice recorder will prove quite useful for people in these workforces. A lawyer can use them to record their client meetings, doctors can use them for recording patient visits and criminal investigators can use them in their investigations and on the field.

Studying: All college students know the pain of their hands cramping up from taking notes too fast, in every lecture of the day. A digital notetaker can be a boon for all students who have, more often than not, have had to borrow notes because they could not decipher theirs! Students can use a digital notetaker to record the critical parts of a lesson. Instead of cramping their hands trying to write as fast as the teacher shares important information, students can use this device to record all the crucial facts and things shared by the teacher during classes or in seminars. Even research scholars can use the dictaphone to record their important lessons or their thoughts and ideas whenever and wherever they strike. One thing to keep in mind for students is that their dictaphone should have play/pause buttons so that they can pause the recording whenever the teacher is not talking and start it back up as and when needed.
Today’s digital notetakers are quite technologically advanced. Their sleek design means that they are lightweight, durable and easy to carry around and can fit in almost any and every kind of bag. Simple controls, with play and pause buttons make for accessibility. Most Digital Notetakers today come with an inbuilt memory ranging from 1GB to 4 GB. Some of them even have expendable memory so that you are never short of space.

Use transcription softwares in your laptops or desktops to easily transcribe everything on your device and go over them at your own pace. A good voice recognition program should do the trick here. Or you could go the old-fashioned way, rewind and replay your thoughts and everything that you’ve recorded and note down whatever is most important to you.

Have you ever used a digital notetaker? If not, then check out the range at Ryda. Do share your experience and your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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