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September 17, 2018

The Emergence Of Mirrorless Full Frame Cameras

Want to capture special moments but tired of your point-and-shoot digital camera? Planning to buy a new camera to pamper your love for photography but feel that the DSLR is way too complex? Then mirrorless cameras are the right option for you! For those having an eye for photography but not an ideal camera to turn their vision into reality, mirrorless cameras can be of great help. When a camera is mirrorless, it means that the optical viewfinder, present in most other cameras is missing. Being mirrorless is less of a disadvantage and more of an advantage and gives these cameras an edge over its counterparts. Since the inception of mirrorless cameras, there has been an ongoing battle over ascendancy among some of the popular brands namely Nikon, Canon, and Sony. The only thing left, i...

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July 27, 2017

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire – A Watch for the Performers

Garmin, a world leader in navigation, fitness, and outdoor wearables for the aviation, marine, sports, and automotive industries aims to provide ‘compelling design, superior quality, and best value’ through its product range. We at Ryda are proud to be associated with a brand with such consumer-centric focus and product range. We too, like the brand, vow to take forward Garmin's mission and vision through our impeccable service in the capacity of a responsible dealer. Of the diverse Garmin range available at our online store, in this post, we’ll be covering the super-functional and highly useful Sapphire edition of the Garmin Fenix 5. Know why and how this one makes up for every fitness freak or outdoor enthusiast’s dream gadget. Read below for a brief round-up on the absolutely...

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June 30, 2017

Kenwood Car Multimedia – Infotainment Like Never Before!

Do you think of cars as merely a means of transport? Think again. There are so many ways to use the commute time now, whether in the capacity of a driver or a passenger while reaching from point A to point B. With the in-car multimedia systems, there are chances of using your travel time more constructively, by either keeping yourself a little entertained or informed with an intelligent podcast or your favorite audio book. You could even plan ahead and stay on top of everything from appointments, meetings, to know how the day ahead looks in general. Car multimedia is increasingly becoming an indispensable digital addition, especially for the always on-the-go millennials. And the one brand that has really revolutionized AV units with groundbreaking features is none other than Kenwood, a...

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