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Waiting for Black Friday? We Say Let the Shopping Begin NOW!

Black Friday is still a couple of days away. But  we thought, let’s ring it in earlier this year so that you can shop your favorite gadgets, electronics, and some awesome wearables! The super-fantastic pre-Black Friday deals on our store include the very very sought after sport watches from Garmin. Yes, we have the Vivosmart HR, Forerunner GPS, and the Vivoactive watches on discounts up to 40%! If you have ever wanted to get the Garmin, now is the time.

Garmin VivoActive HR


Garmin watches are not only functional but extremely efficient. In fact, Garmin is now considered at par with many of the other wearable manufacturers and a pioneer as a multi-sport watch manufacturer. Many people believe the Apple iWatch or the Fitbit as the ultimate in activity trackers and watches. However, the thing is, it is not fair to put the Garmin and the Suuntos of the world with either smartwatches or the Apple iWatch because these are built for sport enthusiasts and purists who want their wearables to track more than their health parameters and activities.

Garmin is for the hard-core workout enthusiasts: the hikers, the bikers, the mountaineers, the swimmers who would lap 8 times in a single sesh! Also, Garmin scores over other fitness trackers and activity trackers with very accurate GPS and Glonass systems. The higher models are expensive and offer sleeker and smarter systems. If you think that you are someone who simply cannot be tempted by the looks of a watch and want something much more functional and efficient to serve you on your adrenalin-rushing trips then the Garmin Forerunner will be a really good choice.

Holiday Special Deals

Our deals section includes other options too such as the Suunto Spartan, the Suunto Core Adventure watch, and GoPro cameras, Panasonic HD cameras, etc. There’s a lot to choose from and add to your buying list from our collection because we understand that sometimes sales have a tendency to not offer discounts on your favorites. But this selection of products is curated to match the preferences of shoppers in 2016! So don’t think we did not put any thought into it.

So why wait for the Black Friday to dawn when you can get the best deals Monday thru Thursday! At Ryda, we are super-excited to ring in the holiday shopping season with the biggest, baddest, and the most amazing Sale! Let the shopping begin!

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