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How Do You Choose your Car Audio Units?

Of course, the default car audio unit may not have everything that you like to have in a car’s audio unit. Maybe the current unit does not feature Bluetooth compatibility, does not support latest music apps that you would want to play songs from or, simply, projects a bad sound quality and leaves no room for adding sound amplification systems. If you too are in search of a great car audio/ stereo that can be your driving companion in the year 2017, then we have some options for you and also some knowledge to empower you with.  next time you pick up a Car AV unit, you know which one to choose and why!


Listen to your needs

Like any other choice we make in life, this simple one is best made with an informed mind. Do you need better bass, better sound quality, better amplification, clearer voice notes, fewer keys to handle, smartphone compatibility, and a bigger display? If you are like most of us, you will want or maybe need all of it! So go for a system that promises all this in reasonable quality. Kenwood, JVC, and Alpine are the brands whose stereo systems almost check all the boxes when it comes to audio performanceand good quality hardware.

Does it support the Latest in Music Technology?

Not all car stereos feature the latest in technology.  So if you want a system that is fairly advanced in terms of smartphone integration, compatibility with other gadgets, then we suggest you go for Sony, Pioneer, Alpine or Boss. Kenwood is Android compatible while Pioneer features iPhone compatibility. So depending on the gadget you possess, you can choose between either of the two. Sony andPioneer also support Pandora and Spotify – the latest music apps that make streaming, selecting, and gathering favorite music so easy! Some cars such as Acura, Ford, Dodge, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Scion, Volvo etc have Pandoras already installed in their car stereos. For Spotify, you can download it on your mobile phones and play songs via Bluetooth or AUX.

Is it Single or Double DIN?

You probably have heard this distinction before. This distinction is based on the size of the faceplate where the stereo has to fit in. Single DIN head unit means the front faceplate should be 7 x 2 in or 180 x 50 mm. Double DIN, on the other hand, is 7 x 4 in or 180 x 100mm. Qualitatively, there’s hardly any difference between a Single DIN or a Double DIN but double DIN stereos do offer an enormous area for a screen and hence the display in the Double DIN head units is much larger than their single DIN counterparts. Fundamentally also, the difference is that of preference and less of audio or sound quality. Almost all popular brands have single and double Din options that you can choose from. If you want to add additional amplifiers, and enhancers to your stereo system, then we recommend going for the Double DIN car stereo.

GPS Navigation – In-Dash GPS navigation systems are extremely useful. Imagine running out of phone battery on a trail that you have no idea where it goes. There are head car units which double up as GPS navigation systems you can easily rely on. These feature a large AV screen, smartphone compatibility, graphic equalizers, and more. The flagship model for an in-dash GPS navigation plus CD/ DVD player is the  Pioneer AVIC 8200 head unit. If you are looking for an all-in-one car head unit, then shop one of the Pioneers available with us.

Our in-car time has increased exponentially. It is practically our second home during the day, so upgrading your car stereo system only seems more logical. So before the new year dawns and other things vie for your attention, give this little gift to yourself. It’s going to be a one-time investment which is going to last a long long time!

Shop away! 🙂

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