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DS18 Car Audio Units – The New Cool Kids On the Block!

No matter how revolutionary and advanced the old players and pioneers (no pun intended) of the audio industry get, one cannot beat the buzz a relatively brand new and unheard of brand creates! So today we are introducing to you our current obsession – DS18! Launched in the US and based out of Miami, this brand is creating ripples that are definitely not going unnoticed. Although, there is still time before they start outclassing the well-established brands on the market. It’s still a long way to go but the journey for DS18 manufacturers looks all the more exciting.

So, as a consumer looking to switch or upgrade their car amps or speakers, should you consider DS18 as a potential option for your car audio improvements? A 100% yes! Unless you are fanatically aligned with a certain brand then we wouldn’t like to change your preference.

You never know, reading through the pros of owning a DS18 car audio unit might just persuade you to try them out. Let’s check what makes DS18 audio units (speakers and amps) super awesome!

DS18 Speakers – The company offers 4 ranges of powerful speakers: EXL, BD, Genesis, and Select. All these lines have their respective specialties and features but all of them promise an audio experience that you can potentially get used to, instantly. The Genesis series speakers offer a clear and loud sound with minimum jarring. Featuring a super audio quality, the Genesis offers coaxial and mid-range models. The coaxial models handle a frequency between 25-35 Khz which is pretty high as the sound will not become unpleasant at higher frequencies.

Similarly, the EXL, PRO, and the BD range of speakers offer a consistent and high-performing audio experience. Even the mid-range speakers by DS18 are equipped and designed to handle both low and high-frequency sounds without distorting the audio. For a good quality, clear, and loud experience, we will definitely recommend the DS18 speakers! DS18 offers tweeters, woofers, and amplifiers that can further upgrade the sound quality of the high-end speakers. Find them all at Ryda.

DS18 GEN-690 6x9" 4-Way 500W Speakers

DS18 Amps – The other kind of DS18 car audio equipment that has literally created a noise in the car audio products market are the Amplifiers. To describe the amplifiers in their own words, “With high power sizes, built in voltage and temperature meters, the DS18 series is streamlined even more, powerful and innovative than any other amplifier in the industry. These are the amplifiers that any serious customer “goes to” when in need of ultimate power, slick looks and all features necessary to defeat the competition.” – sourced from eBay. Need we say more?

DS18 EXL-A3K1 3000W Monoblock Amplifier

Well, instead of adding to the list of features of DS18, we’d only like to vouch for the aforementioned claims. Indeed, the DS18 amps have made a clear headway into the market and are definitely challenging the pioneers of the car audio industry. Moreover, the DS18 Amps feature temperature and power display so you know the load that your speakers are under. So if you want unmatched music and sound quality in your cars, try the DS18 systems once and we are sure you would be hooked to them!

The car audio company, DS18, also offers tweeters, sub-woofers, component sets, accessories, and more, but at Ryda, currently we are stocking their top-rated speakers and amplifiers and looking at adding more DS18 audio products.

P.S – You’ll be glad to know that we are offering exclusive launch discounts on DS18 and you can grab all their products at the Ryda prices!

Yep, there surely cannot be a better time to shop DS18 speakers!

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