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Olympus Notetakers – Why They’re One of the Best!

While we live in an age where almost anything and everything can be stored on a smartphone or tablet, digital notetakers still have their own loyal base of customers. If you have no idea about Digital Notetakers and why they’re still relevant in the 21st century, you can read our post on Digital Notetakers here.

Notetakers from various brands are available in the market but our personal favorite are the ones from Olympus. Not only are they reasonably priced, but are also packed with amazing features! The brand offers a wide range of notetakers, each with its own set of features that serve different requirements. Whether you want it for recording classroom lectures, business meetings or conferences, you will definitely find an Olympus notetaker that will fulfill all your requirements.

Why are Olympus Notetakers one of the best in the business you ask? Well, here are the top few reasons!

1. Optimal Sound Quality – Very few notetakers match the sound quality of the Olympus notetakers. With crystal clear sound that seems as if it were coming out of a stereo, you can be sure that you will never miss even a single word of the lecture or meeting that you were recording. A low-cut filter in Olympus notetakers allows you to take clear recordings, even with background noises such as wind, chatter of people etc. Two built-in condenser microphones capture voices clearly, no matter where in the room they’re coming from. Paired together, these two features make for absolutely clear sound recordings. And some might say that you can do the same with smartphones, the sound quality will never be as clear, and will probably have lot of disturbances along with being grainy.

2. Easy to use – Olympus as a brand is known for their meticulous detail to ensure that the user is completely comfortable with the device. Their notetakers usually come with clear and large text displays on the screen, along with a body that is easy to hold. Large buttons on the front make for simple usage. A vast range of playback functions enable the user to repeat and playback whatever section of the recording they want to hear. A simple mode for beginners displays only the necessary information and limits functions so that amateur users can operate it easily.

3. Automatic Settings – An intelligent auto-mode automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the microphone according to the volume of the sound source. Say the speaker is located a bit far in the room, this feature will automatically adjust the microphone for an even recording, so much so that you won’t be able to tell the difference that whether the recorder was near the speaker or far away. A voice balancer feature ensures that all the sounds are at a leveled volume, making soft voices louder and loud voices softer.

4. Easy Storage Options – The Olympus VN- PC series allows you to easily store your recordings in your laptop or PC and then share them or use them as and when needed. The later versions, such as the Olympus WS-853 have a built-in USB connector that allows you to save data by directly connecting it with a slot in the PC.


5. Expandable Memory – Most Olympus recorders come with an expandable memory in addition to the original storage. This way, you will never run out of space to record!

Ryda offers a wide range of Olympus Notetakers, from the best to the latest! Browse through our collection and pick one that best matches your requirements!

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