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Pillow & Shower Speakers – The Little Joys

In times where maintaining a work-life balance is a constant struggle and a holistic lifestyle is all one strives for, music comes closest to being a savior. Music has proven calming and healing benefits. It is said to relieve pain, reduce fatigue and stress, enhance cognitive abilities, improve productivity and helps with a whole lot of other positive effects.

Sleeping to the sound of music is also highly recommended. Unlike sleep inducing drugs, music puts you to sleep in a very gentle and natural way sans any side effects. It also fights insomnia and most stress related sleep disorders. Listening to music just before you doze off at night or anytime during the day deeply relaxes the body.

If surrounding yourself with music makes all this possible then why not do it often and in a more convenient way. You must be wondering what’s all the fuss about music and its benefits? Because we at Ryda love our music and want all music lovers to have their favorite numbers readily accessible, be it in bed or, let’s be a little adventurous, in the shower too!

Pillow & shower speakers are a great way to listen to music at leisure in a comfortable way. Here is a quick round up on how these speakers are unique and why buying them Is a great decision.

Pillow Speakers – When you return from work or have had a rough day, sleeping with everything piled up inside you can prove damaging in the long term. Shed all the burden and let go of all the anxiety and stress before you call it a day. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of earphones and welcome the comfort of pillow speakers.

Pillow Speaker

The Sangean PS-100 & PS-300 pillow speakers are a perfect way to put you sleep to the sound of music. Compatible with devices featuring a 3.5 mm jack, just connect it to your MP3 player or a CD player and listen to relaxing music and soothing sounds for quality sleep. It also connects to radio, so you can catch up on that late night show or back-to-back favorites being played. The speakers also feature an input adjustment switch to heighten the quality of sound coming through. Use under pillow speakers for a sound sleep and wake up all refreshed like a daisy and feeling light as a feather.

Shower Speakers – Most of us love long relaxing showers so much so that ‘singing in the shower’ is a widely recognized trait of being a human :). Shower speakers make showers or time spent in the bathroom a lot more fun.

Shower Speaker

Get an XIT AXTSSR waterproof shower speaker that connects to your phone through Bluetooth and not just lets you play music from your playlist or radio but also lets you take calls via a built-in microphone. Just hang it at the back of the bath door or from your shower head and you are good to go. Despite the compact size the speakers emit some real high-quality sounds. In addition to the shower, you can also have the speakers by the pool or elsewhere and never be away from your favourite music.

This is not all. The speakers are available at a marked down price as a part of the Mothers Day sale! So make this Mothers Day ever-more special and gift your oh-so-lovable mommy one of these speakers. She sure needs to enjoy some musical time all by herself!

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