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How to Install a Car Stereo

Almost everyone who drives a car would agree that a car stereo is integral to their drives. . Most of us listen to music while driving which makes it all the more enjoyable and sometimes bearable. In fact, don’t we all love jamming to our favorite song time and again, and if it’s a happy number, then maybe doing a little bit of car-dancing too!

Installing or removing a car stereo is not as difficult as it looks, in fact, with the right instructions, almost anyone can do it!

First things first, if you already have a car stereo installed, you’ll have to remove it before you install the new one. To do that, first set the parking brake and remove the negative cable from the car battery so as to avoid short circuiting while you work.

Now, most factory stereos are fitted either with bolts to your car’s dashboard or are fixed with a metal mounting sleeve using spring clips.

If the stereo is mounted with spring clips, then you will need a pair of DIN tools, to slip into the left and right side of the stereo. The tools will release the clips and unlock the unit. Using the tools as handles, pull out the head unit. You will hear a click, which means the unit is disconnected now.

A bolted stereo is a bit complicated to take out, but it is possible nonetheless. Screws will probably be holding the stereos in place, so find the screws on the unit and unscrew them with a screwdriver. In these kinds of units, make sure that you note down where each screw was and also pay attention to the wiring as this will come in handy while you fit in the new car stereo.

Factory stereos also usually come with a wiring harness behind the stereo opening. These connect the stereo to your vehicle’s electrical system and speakers. You will have to unplug the factory stereo from the wiring harness and also unplug the antenna. With this, your removal process will be complete.
Ideally, take a picture of the wiring harness and of the wires so that you know where each wire is connected. This will come in handy when you are wiring your new stereo.

Now, once you have completely removed the factory stereo, you need to fit in the one that you bought.

Firstly, match the wires of your car’s wiring harness to the new stereo. The picture that you took of the wiring harness before unplugging your factory stereo will prove useful here. Your new stereo would also probably carry a wiring diagram. Use the picture and the diagram to carefully match each wire to its right place. The wires in your after-market stereo might or might not be color coded, with the former being a more likely possibility. If they are color coded, then matching the wires should be a breeze, otherwise, refer to the wiring diagram.

The next step is connecting the matched wires, which can be done with crimping or soldering, depending on the tools you have available. If you can solder the wires, that would be great as soldering makes for a stronger and secure connection. Crimping is easier and faster, and you can bundle the wires later using zip ties. You can also use a good quality electrical tape, but tapes always have a risk of drying out and falling off.

Note: If in case the vehicle does not have a wiring harness, purchasing one is recommended. Without a wiring harness, a lot more work would be involved, increasing the chances of a short-circuit or an equally big mistake!

Once you have connected and secured all the wires, then you need to mount your stereo. Now, if your new stereo comes with a mounting kit and instructions, then your work is a whole lot easier. Install the mounting kit, slide the metal mounting sleeve into it and then secure the sleeve in the enclosure using the metal sleeve tabs that are attached.

Now that you have everything ready, hold your new stereo or get someone to hold it close to the opening of the enclosure, plug in the wiring harness into the stereo’s wire adapter and slide it into the enclosure. Voila! You’re done. Check everything before you fasten the stereo in place, and if something is amiss, you now know how to easily take out your stereo and fix the problem!

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