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JL Audio C3525 5.25" Convertible Component System

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  • JL Audio C3525 5.25" Convertible Component System
  • JL Audio C3525 5.25" Convertible Component System

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Product Info

Product Info

JL Audio C3525 5.25" Convertible Component System

We Think YOU Should Know

  • 12 Month JL Audio Australian Warranty
  • Risk Free Purchase Guarantee (bottom of page)
  • 75 watts Continuous Power Handling
  • 4 ohms Impedance
  • 48Hz - 25 KHz ± 3 dB Frequency Response

C3 Convertible Component Systems
There are times when an installation calls for a separate woofer and tweeter and other times when a coaxial is the better approach. With the new Evolution® C3 Convertible Component Systems, the same product can be deployed in either configuration, delivering outstanding audio quality in each application.

C3's are all new from the ground up and deploy JL Audio's full suite of technology advancements and patents to deliver unsurpassed value, performance and reliability.

Woofer Technology
The C3 woofers are 100% new designs aimed at raising the bar for midbass performance, dynamic stability and fidelity of response.

C3 woofers feature oversized, 1.2-inch diameter woofer voice coils to deliver superior power handling, reduced dynamic compression and more distortion-free output. Long coil winding lengths create a very wide dynamic envelope in which linear behavior is maintained. JL Audio's patented Elevated Frame Cooling technology allows air to flow directly over the top-plate and onto the voice coil windings during operation. These features further reduce distortion and improve clean output capabilities.

Balancing the entire motor system is JL Audio's DMA-optimization process, in which we apply powerful computer modeling systems to refine the complex behavior of the motor system under power. (This is the same motor design approach that gives our subwoofer drivers their special edge.)
The C3 woofer cones have been carefully shaped to control response and reduce undesirable breakup characteristics. High-grade butyl rubber surrounds and Conex® spiders ensure years of reliable, high-fidelity performance.
In each C3 woofer design, the motor and moving assemblies are aligned and supported by an injection-molded composite basket (frames) that delivers exceptional rigidity while also permitting architectural features that aid in alignment during assembly. This ensures assembly precision and unit-to-unit consistency, which are critical to maintaining the C3's tight acoustic tolerances.

Tweeter Technology
The C3 tweeter is a true, edge-driven 1-inch (25mm) silk dome that excels on or off axis and offers very smooth and flat frequency response to well beyond 20 kHz. Silk is an ideal tweeter diaphragm material thanks to its light weight, strength, inherently good damping characteristics and environmental stability. These benefits combine to deliver very good efficiency, smooth response and sparkling high frequency detail without the harshness common in many competitive products.
Driving this silk dome is a powerful motor using high-temperature grade neodymium and ferroluid-cooling for superior efficiency and long-term fidelity.

Each C3 tweeter is built onto a carrier that can be mounted with a simple twist into a flush or surface mount fixture (for separate mounting applications), or onto the woofer's pole piece, when used as a coaxial.

Crossover Technology
Each C3 System includes specifically-designed, true 2-way outboard crossovers, precisely optimized to deliver smooth, predictable in-car response.

The C3 crossover networks feature premium Mylar® capacitors, air-core inductors and precision resistors. All C3 crossover component parts are held to less than 5% tolerance. This attention to detail and parts quality combines to give you consistent performance at all power levels.

The design of the C3 crossover networks is simple in topology (1st order low-pass / 2nd order high-pass), but highly  sophisticated in implementation. The networks offer adjustments for mid-range presence (three increments), plus four adjustable tweeter levels. This flexibility allows you (or your installer) to account for vehicle acoustics, tweeter placement as well subjective factors.

Getting your C3's dialed in couldn't be simpler.


Peace of Mind Purchase Guarantee & Declaration of Warranty
This product is supplied directly via JL Audio Australia and enjoys the FULL benefits of the 'JL Audio Australian Warranty'. (You may also be entitled to other consumer warranties as provided by the Australian Consumer Guarantee and these entitlements are not limited by this warranty). In the event that this product should fail please contact our service department to arrange service for this product or you also have the option of speaking with JL Audio Australia directly.

We are a FULLY AUTHORISED Australian retailer for JL Audio Australia.

This product will be shipped from our Sydney Warehouse and you are welcome to pick it up directly from our store in Sydney. This product is NOT DROP SHIPPED from overseas.

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications


C3-525 Convertible Component Systems Specifications:
  C3-525 Convertible Component Systems
Description: Evolution® C3 5.25 in. / 130 mm Convertible Component System:
5.25 in. / 130 mm Woofers; 1.00 in. / 25 mm Silk Dome Tweeters
Grilles Included
Woofers: Injection-Molded Polymer Frame, Patented Elevated Frame Cooling (U.S. Patent #6,219,431 & #6,229,902), DMA-Optimized Motor System, Mineral-Filled Polypropylene Cone, Rubber Surround, 1-in. / 25 mm Voice Coil, Kapton® Former, Low-Profile, Symmetrical Roll Spider, Ferrite Magnet
Tweeters: 1.00 in. / 25 mm Silk Soft Dome with Ferrofluid Cooling and Damping and Neodymium Magnet Fixed Angle Flush-Mount, Surface-Mount and Coaxial-Mount Systems
Crossover Networks: 2-way networks with 1st order low-pass and 2nd order high-pass filters, premium Mylar® capacitors, air-core inductors, 4-position adjustable tweeter output level, 3-position midrange presence control, Polyswitch tweeter protection
Continuous Power Handling: 75 Watts
Rec. Power Range (per channel): 25 - 150 Watts
System Efficiency: 90.0 dB @ 1W/1m
96.0 dB @ 1W/0.5m
System Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
System Frequency Response: 48 Hz - 25 KHz ± 3 dB
C3-525 Convertible Component Systems Physical Specifications :
JL Audio  Component
Woofer Frame Outer Diameter* (A) 5.80 in. / 147.3 mm
Woofer Grille Tray Outer Diameter** (B) 6.00 in. / 152.4 mm
Woofer Magnet Outer Diameter (C) 3.38 in. / 85.9 mm w/o cover
Frontal Coaxial Tweeter Protrusion*** (D) N/A
Woofer Frontal Grille Protrusion**** (E) 1.00 in. / 25.4 mm
Woofer Mounting Hole Diameter (F) 4.56 in. / 115.9 mm
Woofer Mounting Depth (G) 2.27 in. / 57.7 mm w/o cover
*Does not take into account mounting tabs
***Frontal coaxial tweeter protrusion measured from mounting surface
****Frontal grille protrusion measured from mounting surface

JL Audio  Component
Flush Mount Fixture Diameter (A) 2.12 in. / 53.8 mm
Flush Mount Trim-Ring Diameter (B) N/A
Flush Mount Mounting Hole Diameter (C) 1.875 in. / 47.6 mm
Flush Mount Mounting Depth (D) 0.71 in. / 18.0 mm
Surface Mount Fixture Diameter (E) 1.93 in. / 49.0 mm
Surface Mount Protrusion (F) 0.95 in. / 24.1 mm

JL Audio  Component
Height (A) 4.72 in. / 119.9 mm
Width (B) 3.36 in. / 85.3 mm
Depth (C) 1.44 in. / 36.6 mm



In The Box

What's Included?

  • JL Audio C3525 5.25" Convertible Component System

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