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SD Memory Cards

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It seems as though every family has some sort of digital device these days. Whether that be an Apple iPad or similar, a DSLR, Compact or Video Camera, the GoPro, OK then, portable action camera. All these devices require a memory card of some sort.

With technology changing so quickly you may not realise but that old memory card you bought with youtr first camera albeit still taking and saving photos just may not work with today's new tech. If you have a new GoPro, a newer video camera or in fact one of the new smart phones you might be in for a surprise. As many if not all of these devices are recording in Full High Definition (FHD) and better than that the latest generation of smart devices and cameras are recording in 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD or SUHD), there is a good chance that your current memory card just won't be able to record the footage you are shooting.

These are the typical features on today’s memory cards:

  • Full High Definition movie recording on most memory cards
  • 4K or Ultra High Definition movie recording on select memory cards
  • Water Proof
  • Temperature Proof
  • Shock Proof
  • X-Ray Proof
  • High speed writing times
  • High speed reading times
  • Professional cinema quality recording on select memory cards
  • Burst shooting and high speed transfer for premium cameras

The memory card speed dilemma
Which card is right for me. On our website above we have tried to break down the memory cards into classes. All memory cards today are sorted in classes and these classifications are based on how well the memory card performs.

The different types of memory card classes are:

  • Class 2 - photos and standard video recording
  • Class 4 - photos and high definition video recording
  • Class 6 - photos and high definition video recording
  • Class 10 - burst photo shooting and full high definition video recording
  • Class 10 U1 - high speed burst photo shooting and full high definition video recording
  • Class 10 U3 - ultra high speed burst shooting and 4K ultra high definition video recording

Buying memory cards

The main issue when you’re looking for memory cards is the sheer number of memory cards available.

When shopping, it’s a good idea to check out:

  • Prices - Look for discounts, because there are some really good, big, discounts available online on our website.
  • Added values - Many of the big name brands come with very good deals in terms of accessories and other high value products in their purchase prices. Including backup and restore software.
  • Technology - You’ll be truly surprised at what’s available even among the lower priced memory cards. You can get a lot of the performance and features of the more expensive memory cards for much lower prices, so take a good look around.

One thing is absolutely certain - You’ll find a fantastic deal on memory cards at RYDA!