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Why are Cordless Phones still important in the 21st century

In a day and age, where mobility and accessibility are the go-to features of every tech accessory, of which cell-phones are the norm; where someone who doesn’t own one today is considered the odd one out. One might wonder about the usefulness of cordless phones in a world where cellphones are as common as a wristwatch and have nearly replaced wrist watches. However, there are many advantages to having a cordless phone in one’s house, with some of them listed below:

Better sound quality: All landline phones, cordless or otherwise, use telephone wire to send and receive sound signals. Even though cellphone signals have dramatically improved, landlines still trump them in terms of signal and sound quality. Having a cordless phone will be especially useful for those who work from home and have bad network coverage or live in a noisy area.

Panasonic Cordless Phone


Connecting Families: Not all people know how to use a cellphone, especially the elderly. While most today do know how to use one, many would still prefer the good ‘ole cordless. Many a times when cell phone networks fail, landlines come in handy. Even for young kids, cordless phones are a great option to stay connected with their aged grand parents or even parents.

While getting a cellphone in today’s world is like a rite of passage, one probably won’t buy a 7 or 8 year old kid, a cell phone. Till the time a child gets his or her own personal cellphone, having a cordless phone at home will help your child stay connected with you all the time and also enjoy mobile (in the original sense of the word) communication as he or she can at least move about the house with the phone.

Uniden Cordless Phone System
Emergency Services: Dialing 000 from a landline, a pay phone or a cell phone in Australia directs you to the police station, ambulance or fire station, depending on your emergency. Here, if your cell phone is dead or you are stuck in an area with no reception, a landline at yours or some nearby place will come in handy here. Also, with a landline; corded or cordless, you can also teach your kids about the emergency number and when to dial it, if ever needed, thereby teaching them a little about responsibility. Since the location of your home phone will always be the same, it will be easy for kids to access it and call you.

International Calling: If you have family that resides abroad, or you’re staying away from your family, having a home phone would really help you save the calling costs. Almost all landline companies offer international calling plans, which are usually cheaper than the ones on cell phones. You can save money on international calls while getting better sound quality too.

Permanency: A home phone number usually remains the same throughout, which means that those who have your house phone always have means to reach you. While one might change cell phone numbers every now and then when shifting networks, home numbers will remain consistent.

Lastly, it is not so much about being reasonable as it is about being emotional. Home phones, especially cordless phones were all the rage for the 90s kids when they were growing up. Almost every person who grew up in the 90s loved to prank call or simply pick up the phone and roam around the house, pretending to have super- important conversations, While it is a useful thing to have, a cordless phone will also bring back a wave of nostalgia of the wonderful old times!

Uniden Modro Cordless Phone


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