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What to Look For In A Car Amplifier Before Buying One

A car audio system is made up of three components. First up is the head unit, commonly known as a stereo, that receives and further transmits audio signals. Then comes the amplifier and as the term suggests it amplifies or boosts the signal and finally come the speakers that convert those signals into sound for us to enjoy!

All the components are equally important and inter-dependent. Amplification of sound and its quality may not be a necessity for all but there are music lovers who seem to take their music systems and listening too seriously. True music buffs, for whom it takes no more than a slight distortion or a broken signal to spoil their mood, only an external amplifier can create the magic they are looking for, playing their favorites loud and clear.

Though most car audio systems come installed with a built-in amplifier, in most cases, these are not capable enough of delivering great quality sound or music. And the ones that can are highly priced. Tackling the various amplifier related issues as well as the things to keep in mind before investing in one, the following information will be useful in knowing exactly what to buy.

Car Amplifier

  • Save money as well as listen to your favorites in the way they should be heard. Get a preamp head unit (one that is completely unamplified). Add to this an amplifier, installed externally, for a better and cleaner transmission of those notes and musical nuances.
  • To get the most out of your high-end speakers, power them up with the right number of amp channels. Ideally have an amplifier with channels as many as the number of speakers. A single channel or mono-amp will power a single speaker while a four-channel amplifier will extract the most out of all the four speakers. Even powering a sub-woofer will require an amplifier.
  • Look out for your speakers’ RMS rating. Over or under-powering the speakers will not produce good enough sound effects. For this you need to determine the exact wattage required by an amplifier to give optimum power output per channel. For determining the minimum and maximum wattage per channel you need to multiply the lower RMS rating with 75 and the higher one with 150, in case there is a difference in speaker ratings.

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Don’t snuff the life out of your music by listening through mediocre devices, instead make it come alive with the best out there.

What all makes your car audio system worthy of envy? Its time to flaunt and let your secrets out. We are waiting for you in the comments section… 🙂

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