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The Suunto Spartan is Here.. Almost!

Not for the meek-hearted or the regular bench-pressers, Suunto’s Spartan series of sports watches is for the Spartans among us! This multi-sport watch from Suunto, the badass activity tracker is making waves before its real-time appearance.

Suunto Spartan Ultra
Suunto Spartan Ultra

The virtual announcement of this big, bad and robust watch has left sportsmen and adventurists on the edge, waiting for this grandismo to land on their wrists.

Powered with immensely rich features and a superb battery life, the Suunto Spartan collection is likely to outperform all other wearable trackers and workout assistances in its own class and beyond it. Don’t believe us? See the video below:

The next generation Spartan watch is the best of the best by Suunto in one gear. It’s a combination that gives you the features of Spartan Ultra and the navigational capacities of Spartan Sport GPS watch – the result – truly unbeatable!

Acing the As (altitude, atmoshpheric readings and aesthetics) and the Bs (barometric readings and breadcrumb navigation) of the adventure sports watch world, this sports watch is sure to win hearts of the hardcore off-roaders, adrenalin pushers and edgy storm chasers. With 80 PRESET MODES! Yes! read that right, this company from Finland is all out to redefine wearable gear for all of us!

If you thought your sports watch was too weak for your overwhelming adventure skills and schedules then you are going to be challenged soon enough! The company is going to launch the watch in September this year but is expected to be released online sooner than that.

So gear up for the heatmaps, the undying battery, the impeccably accurate GPS tracking and the strength of mineral crystal glass and stainless sleek bezel!

We are as excited as a swimmer ready to dive for this masterpiece of a watch and cannot wait to roll it out for you, reading this!

Triatheletes, ultra-marathoners, cyclists, climbers, trailers, swimmers whoever you are – stop short, take a look and drool over!

P.S – At Ryda, the Spartan will be available at marked down prices, so missing out would not be a good idea!

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