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The Designer Oregon Crystal Weather Station

Weather is a major deciding factor in how we plan our days. That is why we turn to the tiny newspaper column, news channels and even apps for an update on how the weather in the coming days is going to be. But with personal weather stations installed in homes you are saved the inconvenience of being caught unaware in an unpleasant situation. Weather stations, simply put, are devices that let you know about the current as well as near future atmospheric conditions indoors and outdoors. These devices inform you almost accurately about the wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and rainfall forecast.

But do you know weather stations are not all dull and boring looking machines. These can also be decorative enough to be placed in your home or office spaces as other artifacts. One such good-looking weather station is the Oregon CW101 in Crystal. Comprising three thoughtfully designed crystals placed over a black glossy base, the weather station is a very competent informant of the ever-changing environment around you. Take a look at how this one by Oregon is different from its counterparts and what all it tells you while beautifying the surroundings.

Oregon Crystal Weather Station

Illuminated Weather Icons – Unlike other weather tellers, the Oregon CW101 is a unique looking designer station. Not just in looks but also in the way it functions. The three crystals atop the base panel light up as per the current weather condition. The round sun or earth shaped crystal emits a reddish golden glow signifying clear skies, the cloud-shaped crystal radiates a green light for a cloudy sky and the drop-shaped crystal comes alive with blue luminescence to indicate rainfall. The effervescence of natural surroundings quietly seeps indoors with this stylish light and color play.

Time & Temperature – Powered by motion-sensing technology via a wireless remote sensor, the shiny black base alternates between displaying time and temperature with the wave of a hand. The LCD screen reflects both room and outdoor temperature. Choose weather display units: temperature in centigrade or farenhite. You can also set the station to automatically show this information in turns with each value staying on screen for 5 seconds.

This gorgeous looking weather station by Oregon is available at the Ryda online store. Highly useful and ideal to be gifted on any occasion. There is no room that cannot be made better and this little device will surely light up a place with its exotic appeal. Get one for yourself or a loved one today!

If you find your selected product to be out of stock, don’t worry. We make sure that your request is fulfilled and your desired selection is back in our inventory within 72 hours. So just go ahead, shop and keep checking items off your bucket list!

If you already own this crystalline beauty, share your experience about its performance with us. Help others make a definite buying decision.

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