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Who Wants to Stargaze? Telescopes From Top Brands

Not being able to show your kids the planets and stars that populate their science books, bother you? Or do you feel less privileged not being able to invite your nerdy group of friends for a stargazing evening? Stargazing is exciting and the best part, it’s not just limited to space centres or restricted to the lives of high-profile academicians. All one needs is a strong enough desire to look up and a simple instrument that can make the effort worth a million stars! We can’t do much about the first part but definitely help you with the second requirement – an efficient brand new Telescope.

Skywatcher Telescopes

Star gazing is not new. Come to think of it, many planets were discovered way before the present century. Astronomers emerged as early as the 13th century with near-basic lenses and unbridled passion for the sky. The earliest telescopes that made appearances were way back in 1608 that is more than 4 centuries ago in Netherlands. Since then, human intelligence has come a long way in terms of Telescope designing and what all Telescopes can show you.

There are many hobbyists, space centre researchers, students and those part of the alternative crowd who’d love or are already enjoying the presence of a Telescope in their homes, offices or outhouses. It may be surprising but there are so many takers for Telescopes! If you are part of that curious community too, then Ryda brings you more choices than you expected.

Is it wise to invest in Telescopes? 

Telescopes should be bought according to the purpose they serve and how relevant they are in your life. Spending a lot of money on such a niche product is neither advisable nor reasonable. If you are really into stargazing or require a Telescope for academic or professional research, only then invest in one. If it’s a passing whim, we suggest you to wait and carefully observe if the whim passes or gets stronger. 🙂 If your impulsive whim gets stronger, then you can always find a slick Telescope here, if not then shop with us for some other super cool gadgets!

Coming back to the Telescopes. Even for a layman, these instruments of imaging and spectrometery are intriguing enough to pique one’s interests. Today, there are several kinds available: optical, radio, infra-red optimized telescopes and others. Classifications are usually based on the predominant functionality of a model and the purposes they are used for. For example, an optical telescope is primarily used for imaging while a radio telescope is used for satellite and space exploration. Infrared telescopes are used to detect objects beyond the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

At Ryda, we have telescopes from Skywatcher, the world’s largest supplier of Telescopes; Celestron, another top brand and Manfrotto. However, it is Skywatcher that is our recommended brand whether you’re a beginner or a veteran at stargazing. We also offer accessories that can help you get a better view of the magical sights that lurk in the dark skies.

Skywatcher has a range of telescopes to choose from: High-resolution and heightened imaging to telescopes that are lighter and much simpler to use. When choosing a Skywatcher, check for the focal length, mirror quality, type of build, accessories provided and needed and more.
Moreover, you have to figure out whether or not it affords you a comfortable viewing experience and the experience you are looking for.

Things that Skywatcher invariably offers in all of its Telescopes:

  • Model based precision
  • Protective covering around the glass and a sturdy overall mould
  • Superior quality optical and refracting glasses
  • High-definition imaging and fantastically clear images
  • A wide price range to choose the ideal instrument for yourself and your passion
  • A timeless use and appeal. Because these telescopes are made using the latest technology, you can let go of the fear of lagging light years behind someone who gets one after few years later than you did.
  • All telescopes come with a one year warranty.

So if you are ready to take in new sights, then we are ready to serve you with the best deals on Telescopes. Come shop with us your new favourite thing.

May be it’s time you see what’s written in the stars 🙂

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