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Stay Safe on all your Trips with GME’s MT410G Accusato Emergency Beacon

There are a lot of people in the world who enjoy travelling, and their passion for travel takes them to many beautiful destinations. Whether you travel with a group of friends or undertake solo journeys, it is very important to stay safe, especially on solo trips. There are many things that you can do to ensure your safety, like informing your loved ones about your destination and itinerary, carrying safety tools and other related information. An accessory that can help travellers, especially those who like to take on more adventurous journeys, is an Emergency Beacon or PLB.

A personal locator beacon or PLB is an essential tool for all those who like to take on adventures, whether alone or in groups. But if you are someone who tends to travel alone, then this tool is all the more important for you. A PLB is a small, hand-held device that will send an emergency message to Search and Rescue forces if you are stuck somewhere in an emergency situation. The emergency signal is picked up by a global satellite system, which will then forward the message for help to the relevant Rescue Authority, usually the one closest to the location from where the signal was picked up from. These are emergency, life-saving devices and should only be used in case of life-threatening situations. Say you’re out bush-walking or hiking and are lost or hurt and have no means of contacting anyone or of getting yourself out of that situation, your PLB will come in handy as a saviour .

At Ryda, we want all the adventure seekers to be safe when out fulfilling their exploration dreams, which is why we have a range of Outdoor Products, ensuring safety of all bitten by the travel bug. A Personal Locator Beacon is one of them and we recommend the GME MT410G Accusato Emergency Beacon with GPS. With the wide range of features that this Locator comes with, it is one of the best locators available in the market today.

GME MT410G Accusato Emergency Beacon with GPS
GME MT410G Accusato Emergency Beacon with GPS

Its features include:

  • A unique patented technology that removes the need for a warm-up period. This means that this PLB will fire up instantly and hopefully get you rescued sooner than later.
  • An Industry first to come with a 7-year warranty
  • A High-Visibility, High-Intensity LED Strobe light
  • Fitted with NON-HAZMAT long life batteries, providing a 7-year battery life
  • 16 Channel Parallel GPS receiver for an accuracy better than 100 metres. With GPS, this locator beacon provides an accuracy of less than 100 metres.
  • COSPAS-SARSAT worldwide operation with a Digital 406 MHz, 5 Watt transmission plus 121.5 MHz homing signal
  • Extremely lightweight with a compact and robust construction
    that makes this PLB quite durable.
  • National & International approvals
  • Sealed waterproof design (exceeds IP67)
  • Retention strap and fully buoyant design reduces risk of loss
  • Comes with a protective carry pouch

Get the GME MT410G Accusato Emergency Beacon from Ryda and give yourself and your loved ones some peace of mind when you take on your adventurous journeys.

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