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Ryda’s Father’s Day Sale – Shop The Perfect Personal Gifts for Your Dear Dad

Did you know when rest of the world celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June every year, Australia celebrates the day on the first Sunday of September! The Outback is quite different in other ways too, yet so similar! Like the love and affection for dads around the world remain universally special regardless of the dates and so do the gift preferences of the kids. So what are you getting your Dear Dad for 4th of September?

Ryda is offering special discounts (up to 50%) on Dad-special and Dad-exclusive gifts. Our gift collection will make it easy for you to select, purchase and receive the gift you think your dad will truly love. And it will be even more valuable if you deliver the gift to your Dad personally.


Father’s Day Sale

This Father’s Day don’t say it all with the gift but make him experience the love you have for your hero. Let’s see which gifts can best accompany the feelings you’d like to share with him on his day.
1. Car Speakers – If you know about Ryda, then you would also know that we are among the oldest retailers of car speakers in Australia. If your dad loves to listen to music while driving then we are pretty sure that a pair of speakers will truly make his heart smile.

2. Fitness Wearables/ Watches – Inspiring your dad to take care of his health and keep a track of his activity level will leave him healthier and you less stressed. So check out our wearable collection of fitness watches from Garmin, Suunto, and other really cool fitness brands.

3. Digital Radios – Again, if your Dad loves some variety in his music collection, then a digital radio will make a great gift for him.

4. Handheld GPS and Car GPS systems – Help your dad upgrade to today’s technology with the help of smart and latest GPS devices. Does your Dad like to be behind the wheels and in unexplored territories? He’ll love the sophisticated GPS devices available with us.

In case, you do not want to be limited by the choices available in our Father’s Day special sale, then we suggest you check out our line of Audio Visual systems and other gadgets that can be of use and delight to your Dad! Apart from our Father’s Day discounts, we have our regular Ryda specials going on too.
Enjoy your Sunday with Dad! Wishing all dads a great day and thanking them for their contributions to our lives! 🙂

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