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Ryda is Now a Fully Authorized Dealer for Sony Car Audio, Canon Professional, JL Car Audio & Others!

Ryda, a top seller and dealer of top brands of car audio speakers and units is now a fully Authorized Dealer of Sony car audio systems, Canon, JL car audio, Swann crash cameras, Thinkware, and Black Vue crash cameras. Now, what does that mean for you, the consumer? Simply put, it is a big deal and super good news for many reasons.


An Authorised Retailer means that your purchase is not only secured by warranties and manufacturer repair deals but also by a trust that the product you have ordered is 100% the product you will receive along with the benefits that the product warranty entails. When buying an expensive gadget such as car audio, cameras, or any other electronic item that requires you to spend a good amount of money, make sure you buy it from a local retailer that is ‘authorised’, one who is bound by official agreement to provide you with verified and authentically manufactured merchandise.

So if you are in Australia, then the best place to buy a Sony car audio would be from someone who is authorized to sell it. The risk of buying expensive electronics and gadgets, which are neither accompanied by seller’s warranty or the parent company’s approval, may cause a consumer lot of trouble in case of fault repairs. We cannot emphasize enough on buying from an authorized dealer and it’s a decision that will not only ensure a hassle free purchase but also hassle free repairs, fixes, and exchanges if ever a need arises.

Another advantage of buying from authorized dealers is that they also take care of installation post purchase. For example, if you buy Thinkware and Black Vue Camera from Ryda, we’ll have a professional installation provider ready for you from our Retail Superstore.

Ryda always makes sure that the customer experience at Ryda is nothing short of fantastic or what is expected from one of Australia’s oldest electronics retailers. That’s why there is more news for our customers!

Our store has now partnered with one of the biggest distributors of photographic products, Raleru Pty Limited, which provides inventory to all Camera House Retailers in Australia. Why is this information important to you? Because now not only do we have a much LARGER range of products available at improved pricing but also all photographic products are sourced from the Australian suppliers with full Australian warranties. Peace of mind purchases? You bet!

And what is really in store for photographic enthusiasts? A wide inventory and improved pricing on the products by the following top brands:

If you ever thought Ryda was just another dealer, think again! As one of the oldest players, we have always valued transparency, credibility, and authenticity more than profits and now with this stamp of authorization, we are thrilled!

Have a hassle-free, worry-free, and joyful shopping experience at Ryda! Get all you want and get it with trust and confidence.

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