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Oregon Thermo – Hygro Monitor: The New-Age Weather Thermometer

The weather is always changing and unpredictable. This is why everyone seems obsessed with knowing the present and the future weather conditions before making any plans. It is this precisely the increased interest in knowing about the atmospheric conditions, that has led to the introduction of weather-specific products in the market. So much so that there are dedicated devices informing you on every little aspect relating to the climate in detail.

If you, too, are hooked onto your weather device for every little information but are looking for an upgrade then the Oregon RAR213HG Bluetooth Thermo-Hygro Monitor is what you should get! It efficiently keeps track of weather conditions outdoors as well as indoors in the most new-age way. Read ahead to know how much more awesome can a weather sensor be.

Oregon RAR213HG Bluetooth Thermo-Hygro Monitor

  • What sets this weather thermometer apart, from others in its league, is the next-generation Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity. This gives people an option to monitor temperature and humidity either on a smartphone or a tablet via the weather@home app, available for both iOS and Android and on the station itself.
  • The space-saving and extremely compact-looking thermo-hygro monitor comes equipped with an ‘Ice Alert’ feature to let you know when temperatures drop to a frigid low.
  • The thermometer is backlit for comfortable viewing and also records weather data for upto 7 days.
  • With a transmission range of 50m or 150 ft and supporting up to five sensors that can be installed in different rooms, the highly-functional weather instrument by Oregon Scientific lets you track accurate weather data in each part of the house.

This effective performer by Oregon Scientific has a pocket-friendly price too. Now you need not think twice before purchasing one to be in the know-how of the weather conditions surrounding you. Get one from the Ryda online store and remain in the loop of up-to-the-minute updated, that too at just a glance.

Being a Google Trusted Store, Ryda promises you money back guarantee and an overall great shopping experience. We are sure you’ll end up buying more than you actually logged in for.

Happy Shopping!

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