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One For The Sailors – Marine Audio

Imagine yourself surrounded by crystal blue water, and the calming whooshing of the waves, rocking you into a peaceful bliss. Now add melodious music playing in your boat/ ship or yacht. Doesn’t that sound absolutely enchanting!

Music is a beautiful thing, with the ability to transport you into an entirely different world, leaving behind all the worries that plague you. What better way to enjoy a ride along the coast than with your favorite kind of music and your loved ones. And if you love the sound of the waves, you will absolutely adore it when amazing music gets mixed with the gentle rustle of the waves!

This Christmas, gift your yacht or boat a nice music system, one that will make your sea travels much more enjoyable!

To make a complete music system in your boat, you would need Marine Stereos and speakers. You can add marine amplifiers to it to ensure that you get clear sound!


Now, when you’re shopping, know that anything you fit into your boat needs to be protected from the saltwater, sun, wind and the extreme temperatures out at the sea. Here are 4 tips that would help you in choosing the right kind of products:

1) Waterproof products: Ideally, look for products that are waterproof or have coated circuit boards, especially for the amplifier and stereo. With the speakers and subwoofers, find ones that have a rubber coating and/ or have a plastic casing/ covering as well.

2) Be sure to note the IPX rating on the stereo. Although many manufacturers have stopped using IPX and use other, easy to fulfill ratings. The minimum IPX rating on your marine stereo should be at least 6 and no less. With a 6 0r 7 IPX rating, you will know that the stereo that you’re buying is capable of handling the harsh marine conditions without getting damaged.

3) Safe Cables: While installing the system, use the standard tinned copper marine cable as it is more safer and durable than a regular speaker wire.

4) Add Accessories: To get the best quality sound, one that is not canceled out by the sound of the waves and the wind, install a sub woofer with the system. If you can, add an amplifier to get the clearest, most melodious kind of music!


At Ryda, you can find a selection of marine audio products, ranging from marine stereos to marine speakers, amplifiers and sub woofers, all in one place and at best pricing! Sail away..

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