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Nikon Z7 vs Sony Alpha A7R III: Which Camera Is Worth Investing In?

Photographs are a great way to capture special moments and revisit them later. With a constant innovation in technology, photography has achieved an unparalleled significance over the past few years. Being the trailblazers of the camera world, mirrorless cameras are the fastest growing segment of the market that suits the needs of almost every photographer.

With a deep focus on quality at Ryda, our extensive range of mirrorless cameras have helped photographers explore their potential completely by outgrowing their beginner phase. Recently, Nikon has released its Z7 full-frame mirrorless camera in order to stand against the current camera king, Sony Alpha A7R III. Let’s compare and contrast some of the features that both of them offer:

Camera Body and Design

The Nikon Z Series cameras are exceptionally well in terms of design with well-placed buttons and a large comfortable grip. Sony Alpha 7 MK3 Series cameras have a comparatively smaller grip which does not fit many hands, thereby resulting in fatigue over extended usage. Made from magnesium alloy, both the cameras are weather sealed but Nikon provides sealing around the battery door also which Sony doesn’t.Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera

Image Resolution

The Nikon Z Series cameras provide a slightly high resolution as compared to the Sony Alpha 7 MK3 Series cameras. While Nikon Z7 captures images at 45.7MP and Sony Alpha a7R III at 42MP, both of the cameras offer maximum resolution as per their respective product lines. However, the overall pixel size of Nikon Z7 camera is slightly bigger.

Video Quality

Both Nikon Z7 and Sony a7R III capture video in UHD 4K/30p and 1080/120p in case of slow motion. With the use of stereo sound along with optical zoom, these cameras include ports that help you attach your headphones and microphone too. With an array of features like focus peaking, zebra warnings, and internal LUTs, both of the cameras are specially designed to assist video shooters.
Sony Alpha A7R III


With an ISO range starting at 32 and going till 102400, the Nikon Z7 gives a close competition to Sony A7R III having an ISO range from 50-102400.

Screen and EVF

When it comes to LCD monitor, the one on the Nikon Z7 is comparatively bigger (.2 of an inch) than the Sony A7R III. Also, the resolution of Nikon Z7 (2100k dots) is a bit better than Sony Alpha A7R Mark III (1440k dots). Although both the Z7 and a7R III have similar electronic viewfinders that measure 3.6 million dots, Nikon Z7 has better magnification (0.8x) than Sony Alpha 7R III (0.78x).

With the well established Sony Alpha A7R III in the marketplace, Z7 can be considered as a shot across the bow by Nikon. At Ryda, we house mirrorless cameras from renowned brands like Nikon and Sony. Pick your favorite from their range available at our online store and capture memories like never before.

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