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Garmin Handheld GPSMAP 64s – Never Miss A Turn!

Going on a road trip with friends to fabulous destinations is like a dream come true, and lots of fun! But having to stop every now and then to ask for directions might be a bit of a hassle. A road journey or any other adventurous activity that requires you to follow a set path but lacks a smooth flow will hardly be memorable. You might just carry back a sour memories of hurdles, wrong turns taken and precious time lost due to poor navigation.

This is why a GPS device is highly recommended when you’re going for that amazing road trip or anywhere outdoors. And we are not just referring to the GPS that comes fitted in your car or sports and fitness gear, but actually talking about investing in a dedicated handheld GPS. Just by the virtue of being handheld, this particular type of GPS device scores greatly over other satellite transmitters.

If you are looking for a high-performing handheld GPS, then we suggest the 64s by Garmin, a brand that is known for their superior outdoor products. Since it’s not everyday that you buy such a device, know what exactly it can do for you and whether you will be able to fully utilize all the features or not before taking the plunge. Read on to know more about the Garmin Handheld GPSMAP 64s to find out whether or not it is meant for you.

Garmin Handheld GPS 64s

  • Equipped with a one-of-its-kind quad helix antenna receiver, this Garmin Handheld can track both GPS and GLONASS signals simultaneously. The high-sensitivity receiver not just tracks your current location quickly and accurately in all kinds of terrains, but also lets you lock down on positions to safely maneuver your way back home.
  • Featuring a 2.6 inch sunlight readable color display, the Garmin 64s comes with an easy-to-use and all-weather friendly large buttoned keypad. If you are wearing thick gloves in biting cold or your hands are all sweaty due to sweltering summers, no weather is extreme enough to not let you operate this GPS device smoothly. Also, with a 4GB internal memory and a memory card slot, you can easily download and store both road and marine TOPO 24K and 100K maps.
  • Lightweight, portable and highly durable, this handheld GPS has a built-in 3-axis electronic compass and 250,000 preloaded geocaches to point you in the right direction. A barometric altimeter lets you keep a close watch on the changing weather conditions, enabling you to plan your next steps accordingly.
  • Stay connected with your friends and family at all times with the live tracking feature. Also, wirelessly connect via bluetooth to your smartphone and other Garmin devices like Virb action camera, temperature sensors, etc to receive messages, emails and share waypoints, tracks and routes respectively.
  • Loaded with a 16 hour battery life, a one-year birds eye satellite imagery subscription, a worldwide basemap with shaded relief, and a basecamp software to let you plan your next adventures, the Garmin GPS 64s packs in a great deal to never let you lose your way!

Be out and about without the fear of losing your way with a reliable partner that promises to amaze and keep you connected. Shop for Garmin Handheld GPS to power your trips. Find it at the Ryda online store along with a range of other travel-friendly devices and accessories.

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