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LED Lenser Torches – Never Lose Your Way

The love one has for outdoors is not limited by the time of the day. Adventurers carry on with their activities and expeditions no matter what the time is. And stopping midway just because the sun went down is no excuse for them. To not let the absence of natural light hinder the wild spirits from exploring and wanderlusting, it is important to be equipped with a light source for night-time adventures and low-light conditions.

A great way of never being without light when outdoors is a flashlight. It is a modest yet powerful gadget that anyone and everyone going on an escapade must carry for both safety and convenience purposes. It facilitates movement in the dark and acts as a savior in countless other situations you might find yourself in. Like on your way back to your camp, or walking through a forest area or maybe for taking refuge in a cave for the night.

There are two types of torches – the traditional handheld one and the more modern head mounted lamp. Depending on the activity being undertaken, carry either a head torch or a hand torch or both if needed. To get you acquainted and help you choose one for your getaway, here is a brief introduction to the LED Lenser range of torches. LED Lenser is one of the best known and most-trusted brand manufacturing LED flashlights.

Head Torch – A head torch allows you to be hands-free, is compact and lightweight (since it is worn around the forehead) and very durable. Since it is exposed to natural conditions, it is made to be resistant to both extreme and temperate climatic conditions. While partaking in extreme sports like mountain and rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, biking or any activity that involves both your hands, a head lamp becomes an obvious choice to light your path. Ideal for an early morning or late night run or jog too! Now on to the LED Lenser XEO 19R head torch and what makes it a perfect buy!

LED Lenser XEO 19R Green Head Torch

  • Comes with a minimum 200 and maximum 2000 lumens of light output, a 100-300m beam distance, a rechargeable Li-Ion battery lasting from anywhere between 4-20 hours and an IPX6 water resistant rating.
  • The XEO 19R packs a punch with LED Lenser’s patented Advanced Focus System that allows you the luxury of different kinds of light beams – focused beam and spill beam. Focused beam for things at a distance and spill beam for observing something up close. Use light effectively as per your need and see everything clear and bright.
  • The Smart Light Technology lets you be in control of how much power you use to operate the light. Choose between Energy Saving & Constant Current modes and stop worrying about recharging every now and then.
  • Equipped with Optisense Technology, whose integrated brightness sensor measures and auto adjusts the brightness of the lamp to that of the environment it is being used in.
  • An independent lens focusing system illuminates an area even more brightly because of the seamlessly projected flood beam.

Hand Torch – The handheld torch or the good old flashlight can be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes quite handy when your car breaks down in the middle of the night, or during a power outage or even when out in the wilderness. The 16” long and high powered M17R rechargeable hand torch from LED Lenser is not just another flashlight. It comes with boastable features:

LED Lenser M17R Rechargeable Torch

  • The LED Lenser hand torch emits 850 lumens of light, has 450m of beam distance, and can last upto a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 36 hours when fully charged.
  • Just like the XEO 19R headlamp, the M17R too comes with an Advanced Focus System and Smart Light Technology.
  • The rapid one-hand focus makes the transition of zooming-in and out of the point of interest very smooth. Just turn the bezel to lock the desired focus-level in place.
  • Fitted with a safety Ytrion lithium battery that charges faster and in almost half the time than a standard battery. It has long run times and can be recharged innumerable times without losing capacity.

The only situations that force you to take a break are when you feel tired, or face a medical emergency or due to inclement weather conditions. But light or no light should hardly bother you as now you know how to find your way even in the darkest times!

Ryda houses an extensive inventory of LED Lenser torches. Visit the online store and pick a flashlight that closely fits your outdoor routine and never lose your way again!

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