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La Crosse Weather Station – Accurate Reports, Always!

Even when we can see and feel the weather without much second guessing, there is still a need for precision and utmost accuracy, sometimes! Hence, the intelligent invention of weather stations. Weather stations come in all shapes, sizes, and not to forget, by a bevy of brands. And with so many brands already lined up at Ryda offering quality weather stations, we decided to add one more contender to the never-ending list and let our customers be spoilt for choice. Introducing La Crosse Technology, a renowned and trusted source of accurate weather forecasts for over 30 years!

So if you have been on the lookout for a weather station and also happen to be reading this then we whole-heartedly recommend the La Crosse USB Professional Weather Station. A power-packed and feature-rich device to keep you updated on the atmospheric changes by the minute! We have compiled a brief introduction to the product and why it is worth investing in! Read on to know more about the edgy La Crosse.

La Crosse WS2355-SIL USB Pro Weather Station

  1. The La Crosse WS2355 is a wireless model and measures both indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity, displaying minimum as well as maximum readings.
  2. The station also measures wind speed and direction along with wind chill and dew point while also displaying the time and date of the recordings.
  3. The home weather station features the ability to record barometric pressure and rainfall for the last 24 hours.
  4. The weather station comes with rain and wind sensors that need to be wired to the base unit or can also be operated wirelessly upto 100m line of sight.
  5. The weather station is backlit, gives you the option to set as many as 21 alarms for different weather variables, and operates on battery that can be powered up using an AC/DC adaptor.
  6. The user also gets to transfer and save the weather data onto their computers or any other preferred device via a USB cable.

So if you are a weather junkie, and different kinds of weather apps have not been able to whet your appetite for a detailed look at the subtle weather changes in your area, then upgrading to this device is worth it.

Visit the Ryda online store and book one before this hot-selling item goes out of stock! But if you do miss out on this, we make sure to get the out of stock product back in the inventory within 72 hours. So whether you rush to hit the add to cart button or choose to take your time before sealing the deal, you will not be disappointed and that’s a Ryda promise!

See you at our online store!

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