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GPS Systems for Motorcycles – Not Just a Cafe Rider’s Accessory ;)

Roadsters don’t need directions is a misdirecting myth. Anyone who loves motorcycles knows that how unforgiving bikes (racing or regular) are of stupidity and arrogance. So if you are biker yourself then you would know the importance of a GPS and the foolishness of being rash behind the handles. If you are a passionate motorcyclist then here’s a category of products we believe you must take a look at

TomTom Rider GPS System

Ryda brings a reliable companion for hardcore and cafe riders that will not only ensure their tracks are all figured out but also warn them about a change in route or direction effectively and without being a hindrance. The worst thing for a rider would be a gadget that is designed for a safer transport such as a four-wheeler. Any modification done to a motorcycle must be done with the awareness that it should not at any cost become an obstruction for the rider in terms of the view, manoeuvring or navigating along the road. That is why the GPS navigation systems on our store are ergonomically and specifically designed for motorcycles, that too by riders themselves!

This product category features brilliant navigating systems from Tom Tom Rider and Garmin. Each GPS navigating system has its own remarkable features that make riding so much more fun, efficient and better.

Check out some of the features offered by various GPS navigating systems available:

The Maps – These are GPS; can’t leave out maps obviously! But these systems offer an advanced road mapping – lifetime, real-time and roads. The Tom Tom Rider also shows winding roads, hilly roads and even a round-trip map.

Winding Roads

Connectivity – Most systems provide bluetooth connectivity and with computers. You can pre-plan a ride or explore along when on the road. Hands-free calling, audio instructions and distraction-free interface, which is operable by a glove-friendly touch (Garmin Zumo), makes these systems the best cherries of the lot!

PC Route Planning

Speed Cameras, Community POIs and more – Alerts the rider of speed cameras on the way, traffic congestion and intuitively guides the riders. The Garmin GPSs also inform the rider of the tyre pressure.

Garmin Zumo GPS System

With great and technically advanced sensors, it’s like riding with your most reliable bet on the road! But it still doesn’t replace your favorite pillion on the road! 🙂

We believe that on-road safety is of prime importance especially when you are on a two-wheeler. Why leave anything to chance when there’s technology to safeguard and make riding even more fun?

Here’s to your riding passion and your smart choices – shop for GPS systems for motorcycles at Ryda and get a $39.00 worth GPS case as a gift from our side. Hurry, limited time offer!

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