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GPS in Car Navigation – Never lose your way again!

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds since the cars were first introduced in the world! Today we have many kinds of accessories that come with cars that help in making driving an easy task. From parking aid sensors to bluetooth head sets that one can connect with the music system of the car, all such add-ons in a car help the driver in easily maneuvering his/ her car around.

One such accessory that has definitely made driving easier for drivers all over the world is the in car GPS navigation system. Today, we don’t have to stop and open a large, probably outdated paper map or try to find people to ask directions from when we are in an unknown area. In fact, if you have a GPS navigation system in your car all you need to do is feed in the destination into the GPS system and simply follow the instructions.


There are many advantages to having an in car GPS Navigation system:

  • Never ever get lost when you travel now. While we all have maps in our smartphones, they mostly function on the Internet and if you’re in a place that has a sparing Internet connection or mobile network, then you’re done for. On the other hand, GPS navigation systems receive signals from satellites using the GPS antenna, pinpoint the car’s location, the direction and accordingly display a travel route for the driver to use.
  • Most GPS Navigation systems have all the local maps pre-fed into them, so you don’t have to worry about loading them. For example, the Navman GPS systems available at Ryda come with preloaded maps of Australia and New Zealand, along with Australian street names and landmarks. Finding your travel destination was never this easy!


  • Apart from coming in handy when you travel to far-off places in your country, car GPS navigation systems will also guide you in your city travel by telling you which paths to follow to reach your office in the least amount of time. Newer GPS systems come quipped with sensors that will also tell you about the traffic and help you avoid congested roads, especially during rush hour times.
  • With GPS Navigation, you will never lose your path, meaning the endless cruising along unfamiliar routes to find your destination will be avoided. This in turn would save precious fuel, which is both expensive and also a natural resource that we all must try to save!

Ryda offers you a wide range of GPS in car Navigation systems that you can fit in your car and always know which route to take. Make your travelling worry-free and enjoy it just the way it should be: on track!

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