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Garmin GPS Dog Tracker – For Your Furball’s Safety

When you bring home a dog, you don’t just bring home a pet but make a loving addition to your family. You care for the little furball just like you would for an infant, making sure all their needs are tended to on time. Your daily routine becomes more exciting and you look forward to the little things, like coming home to your pet, going for a walk, etc. A dog is a permanent partner by your side, making the most mundane of rituals fun! When you get a dog for your home, you form an inseparable bond of unconditional love and care.

But one thing that is constantly on the forefront of a dog owner’s mind is their pet’s safety at all times, be it in their absence or even while they are playing outside the house. Dogs are quite curious by nature and tend to wander off to explore their surroundings. Even if you are always alert, there are always chances of the dogs being all by themselves and going a little too far not being able to find their way back home. Since always being physically present or having someone keep an eye on your pet might not be possible, you can ensure complete safety and protection for your dog with a GPS dog tracker.

While there are various kinds of tracking devices available in the market, there is one device living upto dog owner’s expectations and fast becoming a pet lover’s favorite – The Garmin Alpha 100 with T5 dog collar. It is a tracking cum training device, consisting of a handheld device for tracking and a dog collar, worn like regular dog collars. Here’s a quick look on what the two units do separately and also their collective outcome.

Garmin GPS Dog Tracker

Handheld – The GPS enabled handheld comes with a 3 inch, sunlight-readable touchscreen display. A high-sensitivity GPS receiver enables you to be secure about your dog’s location even in the deepest of terrains, with the location being updated every 2.5 seconds, thanks for a powerful satellite network. The Garmin Alpha 100 handheld has multi-dog tracking abilities (upto 20 dogs in a 9 mile radius) and can also receive emergency alerts and signals from other Alpha 100 users. This feature can be quite useful if you have multiple people spread out over a large area, looking for your lost pet.

It also comes pre-loaded with maps for accurate tracking. You can also keep track of your dog’s speed, distance and direction. This information helps in seeing where the dog is headed and if the dog is treading towards unfavorable paths, you can quickly correct and maneuver them to safer places. The handheld supports a lithium ion rechargeable battery, is waterproof and can be comfortably held with gloves on as well.

T5 Collar – The T5 collar comes with Tri-Tronics training technology and a GPS & GLONASS receiver. It also has replaceable straps in different colors to identify different dogs and LED beacons visible at night from 100 yards away., A VHF antenna coated with stainless steel makes the collar waterproof and helps withstand the roughest of treatments meted out outdoors.

Before buying a dog tracking system keep the following points in mind as well:

  • The dog tracker’s weight should be in accordance with your dog’s weight to prevent any discomfort to your four-legged friend.
  • Be sure of your budget. Normally trackers with a greater range tend to cost more.

At Ryda, we understand how losing a pet can be a huge nightmare. With a significant rise in the demand for pet tracking devices, we have not many but only the best of pet locators in our store to make the buying decision easier for you.

Have you tried the Garmin Alpha 100 with the T5 collar. How has your experience with it ? Share with us in the comments below.

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