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FujiFilm Made An Argument for Mirrorless Cameras and We Loved It!

A news breaking the Internet and social media networks is about Toru Takahashi – the Vice President of the camera maker – Fujifilm. Actually it’s not about Toru, it’s about what he said about the mirrorless cameras that made everybody take note of them!

Call it an example of sheer genius or just knowing your stuff too-damn well, but Toru hit the bulls eyes with his argument against the weighty DSLR ensemble to drive home the point about mirrorless cameras.

To those who are still scratching their heads and wondering what we are talking about, read the entire news here.

What Toru, basically, said was that the new Fujifilm mirrorless camera weighs 2,500ml cans of beer less than the DSLRs.

If you like beers or cameras, you would certainly dig this argument, like the whole community of photographers did! However, there were others who still flagged their DSLR loyalities and only acknowledged the humour in the argument.

The whole event was about introducing the new Fujifilm X-PRO-2 whose review is also available on (X-PRO -2 with Hybrid Viewfinder). The camera will be launched in February 2016 and is priced at a whopping $1700 (only for the body). It features a hybrid viewfinder that lets you take the best shot the way you want . This is a retro looking camera with advanced features set to make photographers take note.

Obviously, its performance will be tested once it’s out and when the consumers actually get to use it..

Ryda includes both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras in its inventory. You can take your pic, depending on which side of the argument you are :). Currently, our leading cameras are all DSLRs from Nikon and Canon, while the Panasonic mirrorless cameras are still not the first option for many buyers yet.

There’s a lot of promising photography in store in the near future as industry giants are gearing to cross one technological frontier after another. We at Ryda are keeping a close eye on the right cameras – digital or point-and-shoot for our store and would love if you can pitch in!

Which cameras do you prefer? Write to us in the comments and we shall listen! 🙂

Until, then, enjoy the 2 cans of beer, if you like what Toru Takahashi said 🙂

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