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To Band or To Watch? That is the Question – Fitness Gadgets

Fitness Activity bands Vs Fitness Watches – Garmin Vivofit Band versus Garmin Forerunner Watches

Ever since fitness gadgets bombarded the markets, it has gotten increasingly difficult for people to choose that one product that fulfills all their fitness-related demands along with their taste and aesthetic preferences. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then this decision may have strained your mind too, for more than once in the last few years.

We understand how confusing it is to choose that perfect gear for fitness goals and thus bring to you a product by product comparison to help you decide the best gadget for yourself. We will be using Garmin’s super performers for this post for two reasons:

1) Garmin is one of the leading fitness gadget brands that offers advanced tracking and activity recording features.

2) Garmin watches and bands generally feature everything that other fitness gadgets do and so their properties can be generalised to get an idea about wearables from other brands.

The Garmin VivoFit Series Fitness Bands – Pros

Garmin Vivofit Band

  • The Garmin VivoFit series of fitness bands are accurate, considered best for receiving notifications and can be a very comfortable wearable. The band is a cushiony silicone band.
  • Because it’s a band, it does not weigh much on your wrist.
  • It’s a lightweight wearable that lets you record and track any activity and even transition from one activity to the other. The 2016 Garmin VivoFit comes with a Move IQ feature that detects activity and classifies activity type. It captures different kinds of activities and records numbers accordingly.
  • It easily syncs with the Garmin Connect mobile and desktop app and gives you stats and number for the entire duration that you are wearing it. It can be a 24*7 fitness partner thanks to its great battery performance.
  • The VivoFit comes with interchangeable silicone bands in different colours which can be worn to match your wardrobe.
  • Very reasonably priced as compared to a fitness watch.


  • The Garmin VivoFit doesn’t possess a GPS or a Heart Rate monitor.
  • Cannot match the specificity and precision of the Garmin Forerunner
  • It’s the most basic of wearables that shows time, is water resistant yet not as high end as a fitness watch.
  • Will not suffice the whims and wishes of a runner who want more from their gadget than just time and a few basic stats.

The Garmin Forerunner Watch Series – Pros

Garmin Forerunner

So how does a watch score over a band? By upgrading its shape, size, features, its precision and of course its price! Nevertheless, a fitness watch delivers more for those who need and want more from their fitness wearables.

The Garmin Forerunner watch is more expensive than the Vivofit band but then delivers more than the price too. The Garmin Forerunner features:

  • GPS and wrist-based heart rate monitor that detects heart beats per minute
    Pace, distance and time tracker
  • Activity tracking includes daily number of steps, calorie and sleep
  • Measures activities – indoor and outdoor, goal-setting and comparison of data with other Garmin users
  • Easily syncs with the Garmin Connect
  • Recording and uploading of real time data
  • Captures current weather data, allows the use of widgets and gives smart notifications
  • A comfortable wrist band with a clear and precise display on the circular dial
    The option of using it without the strap as well.


  • It’s definitely costlier than the fitness band
  • Can be quite a weight on the wrist but if you are used to wearing a watch then you won’t feel any difference at all.
  • One disadvantage of having a fitness watch it makes you conscious of a lot of stats that could be distracting for an individual and can also turn one’s passion into an obsession, which may not be healthy all the time.
  • Also, as all the fundamental stats and numbers are mostly covered even in a fitness band, then paying more for a watch is more a matter of preference than a necessity.

The choice between a fitness watch and a band primarily rests on personal liking, fitness goals and passion for exercising and penchant for gadgets. If you are happy with only a basic looking band with a great display and functionalities, then don’t go overboard just yet. Get a tracker, see how it works and if you feel the need to upgrade, go for it. However, if you have already used a fitness wearable and now are ready to try something new (and also have the budget to support that) then a fitness watch may seem the right option.

At Ryda, we offer both and by many different brands. We have the Garmin fit watches and bands, Polar fitness bands, Suunto watches and others.

Pro Tip: Whatever it is that you choose, always remember that it’s not much about the gear as much it is about you and your desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle!

Go ahead. Get ahead

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