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Davis Weather Sensors – For a Bounty Harvest

Weather stations are a value addition that monitor various atmospheric parameters such as the temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, barometric pressure, etc. But apart from informing you about the basics, weather stations can also be used to one’s advantage for farming and gardening . Well-built weather sensing equipment can be really helpful to passionate gardeners worried about their versatile kitchen garden’s produce or a skilled horticulturist owning a considerable sized farmland. If you are one of them or are simply looking to enhance years of knowledge and expertise through technology, then check out the latest in weather sensors available at Ryda.

Adding specific sensors that can measure leaf wetness, soil moisture and temperature to a high-end weather station can result In a healthy and bountiful growth of the crop. Not just measure moisture level and temperature but also facilitate in making accurate decisions regarding irrigation and pest control. Read on to know why it is beneficial to deploy these specialist sensors and how they will come in handy to deal with farming or gardening intricacies.

Davis Leaf Wetness Sensor – Leaf sensors let you know about the amount of moisture on the foliage surface, i.e. inform you in time about dehydration in leaf due to water deficit. The sensor equipped with a sensing grid, low-voltage bi-polar excitation and conductivity-sensing circuit, measures precipitation and dew on a scale of 0-15, where 0 indicates an urgent need of water as the vegetation has used up all the available water component and 15 hints at clear saturation that can result is root damage and spread of a fungal disease. Leaf sensors also help save 30%-50% of water while irrigation as they communicate the exact time and level of hydration required. You can get all these readings by pairing the sensors with a Vantage Pro2 or a complete wireless soil moisture and temperature station.

Davis Weather Leaf Wetness Sensor

Davis Wireless Soil Moisture & Temperature Station – The solar-powered wireless station comes packed with four soil moisture sensors and four soil temperature probes. Burying the sensors and probes at different depths can provide with crucial information regarding seed germination, plant and root growth, supply of nutrients, etc. It also features a transmitter and a battery safely housed within a weather-resistant shelter . The station is radio-compatible with the Vantage Pro 2 weather station. The readings can be transmitted to the console within a range of 75-300m.

Davis Weather Wireless Soil Temp Station

Invest in these highly useful and purpose-oriented sensors for your weather station and forget worrying about watering those lovely refreshing greens! Just visit Ryda and shop to keep your gardens as green as you can because we believe that grass is greener where you water it! 🙂

Happy growing!

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