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Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus Weather Station – Your Personal Forecaster

Are you someone who is tired of the inaccurate weather reports? Fed up with outdoor weekend plans getting ruined because the forecast said it will be bright and sunny but it turned out to be stormy and rainy. Or may be you are just curious and like to keep a tab on the current and near-future atmospheric conditions. Whatever the case, it is most probably a weather station that will help you get rid of this uncertainty and inconvenience while quenching the unceasing curiosity of weather enthusiasts.

By installing your very own personal weather station, you get to track almost accurate real-time indoor as well as outdoor weather conditions. Weather stations are also of great help to professionals in determining exact temperatures, moisture conditions, precipitation levels, wind speed and a whole lot of other precise data to plan their future course of action to carry out work commitments. One such highly adept and information-dense weather station to keep you informed is the Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus.

It is a professional unit complete with a console and an integrated sensor suite. For a complete and deeper understanding of how you can benefit from this equipment, it is important to look at all the features of the two interdependent components. Check out the detailed description below to see if this weather station by Davis is what you have been looking for.

Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus Weather Station

Console – Apart from letting you know about the weather for the next 48 hours, the Vantage Pro2 Plus wireless console packs in a lot more. It displays metrics which are far above the basics like:

  • Know if the barometric pressure is falling, rising or is stable. With solar and UV sensors installed, keep a check on the temperature, humidity, Sun, wind and UV index readings along with evapotranspiration, wind chill, dew point and leaf wetness variables. There is also a provision to set up to 70 alarms for multiple maximum and minimum readings.
  • Due to improved reception and immunity from RF interference, the console receives packet data or weather updates every 2.5 minutes via the frequency hopping spread spectrum radio technology transmitter. The transmitter can retransmit to consoles upto 300m in distance as well.
  • The console also lets you view current and historical data, track moon phases, know the time of sunset and sunrise, as well as detailed graphs analyzing readings of the last 24 hours, days or months.

Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) – The rugged and easy to install sensor suite consists of:

  • An aluminum-plated self-emptying rain collector to measure the amount of rainwater collected.
  • Designated components measure wind speed and direction accurately, be it a slight breeze or potential hurricane winds.
  • The integrated sensor suite is powered through a solar panel to work day and night and is protected by a corrosion-resistant housing. To make the housing durable for extreme conditions, the parts are over-molded for moisture shielding. A lithium battery pack backs up the weather station when the solar panel is unable to charge on cloudy or winter days.
  • A radiation shield to not let solar radiation or other sources of reflected heat hamper the accuracy of temperature or humidity readings. A built-in bubble level also helps in maintaining the accuracy of the data collected.

If you are impressed by all that this super-efficient weather station by Davis does, then just head to the Ryda online store and get one for your home.

If you already have it, share with us your thoughts on this high-performing weatherman!

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