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Crash Cameras – Never hurts to be extra prepared

Crash Cameras are quite a useful thing to have. Also referred to as dash cameras, these cameras are usually fixed on the dashboard or the windshield of the car and record the entire journey of a car, i.e. the front view from inside the car.

Now, one might wonder that what exactly is the use of crash cameras. Well, as the name suggests, these cameras come in handy when you need to prove your innocence in an accident or need to provide footage of an accident to your car insurance provider or anyone for that matter. It is a surveillance oriented camera that records the events that happen around your car. The camera records the videos and stores them in an SD card, from which you can later view the videos and take out evidence if needed. Crash cameras provide the driver with indisputable evidence that can save him/ her from drunk drivers, road rage and the likes.


These cameras are quite popular among drivers in America, Russia and are slowly gaining popularity in Australia as well. Apart from providing video evidence in case of a road accident, these cameras also provide GPS tracking with vehicle speed. Employers can also use these cameras to keep a track of their employees and ensure that they are driving the company’s fleet vehicles responsibly.

Now that you know the advantages of installing a crash camera in your vehicle, let us tell you some points that need to be kept in mind before you finalize your decision:

  • It should have loop recording, otherwise when the SD card gets full, it will stop recording videos. With loop recording, the camera usually overwrites the earliest videos with the latest ones.
  • The camera should come with a motion detector mode so that it starts automatically when the car starts moving. One might need to be discreet with certain passengers and if you have to start the camera manually, you’re just giving away your secret.
  • It should have audio recording as well, so that the sounds and noises of the surroundings are also picked up. It can come in handy sometimes.
  • To ensure that you record everything and record it clearly, for example the license plate of the car that rear-ended your car, buy a camera with High-definition recording. The camera should have a resolution of at least 720 pixels and above.
  • Buy a small camera that is discreet and blends in the car seamlessly. It should not stick out like a sore thumb on the windshield or rear-view mirror of your car.


Well, there you go! If you’re ready to stay ahead of road ragers and drunk drivers then hop over to our website and browse through our selection of Crash cameras and pick one just perfect for you!

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