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Common Photography Myths – Debunked!

Photography is a great interest to have, especially if you enjoy capturing the weird and wonderful surprises that this world offers. And if you are passionate enough to make a career out of this interest of yours, then nothing like it!

If you are considering taking up professional photography or are in the early stages of your photography career, there are a lot of things that you need to know. Friends, family and everyone around you will bombard you with tips and tricks about photography, whether they heard from the pros, read them somewhere or a lessons learnt from their own experiences; take note of them all, but do not blindly follow everything. Instead, take time to experiment and personally test everything you know, this will help you not only expand your creative side but will also equip you with good personal experience That can eventually translate into breathtaking shots.


While no one can tell you how to develop a creative eye, we can tell you which photography tips are actually myths!

1. All I need is a good DSLR camera, photography is easy!
Nothing could be more further from the truth. You don’t really need a DSLR, you need a creative mind and an eye for finding beauty around you. Amazing pictures can be taken with a simple digicam or even your reliable iPhone camera. Photography might look easy to the onlooker but is actually difficult. One needs a lot of patience and practice to get that perfect picture!


2. Real photographers do not use Auto Focus
Again, not true at all. The purpose of a the functionalities of a DSLR camera are to enable the photographer to develop their creative abilities. If you use auto focus, that does not mean you are any less of a photographer. In fact, many professionals use auto focus so that they can concentrate on developing their other skills and spend more time on adjusting to camera features such as aperture and shutter speeds.

3. I cannot work without a tripod.
If you are that dependent on a tripod to hold your camera steady, then you are again just limiting yourself. A tripod can be cumbersome to carry and will also restrict you in terms of Being creative with a particular shot – think about the limiting angles that it can restrain you to. Worse is, if a photographer gets too used to a tripod, then all their pictures will be from the same level. It gets monotonous after a while. So, unless you are on a paid assignment or are shooting long or multiple exposures, lose the tripod and experiment with various angles for your pictures.

vtsl2000bl-14. I need to upgrade to a better quality camera.

This is definitely a myth that you need to get over. Until and unless your current camera has broken or has some technical fault, spending truckloads of money to upgrade to the latest model is not really necessary. While the latest equipment will help, it is the photographer who clicks the pictures, not the camera. You can get amazing pictures even with an iPhone. First master all the settings on your current camera and then once you have utilized it to the fullest, you can think about upgrading.

5. The lighting outside is bad, I need to wait to get good pictures.
Okay, talk to any professional photographer and they will tell you how much of a lie this actually is. As long as there is light outside, you have lots of opportunities to click pictures. Don’t limit yourself to a few hours in a day for clicking pictures, instead just grab your camera and head out. Even gloomy weather makes for some really fascinating pictures!

6. I will click better pictures with a better camera.
Like we said earlier, unless you have a very pressing reason to change, first exhaust all the settings on your current camera. Expensive equipment will only help you click better pictures if you use it skillfully. If you do not know how to work the settings, then no camera, no matter how amazing, will help you in getting good pictures. Instead of chasing expensive gear, master the art of finding beauty everywhere and invest in good photography books or sign up for a course. Improve and improve upon yourself, that is what all great artists do!

We hope these tips help you on your journey to become an incredible photographer. If you are just starting your journey, allow us to take you on our website, where we have an exceptional range of cameras and related accessories that will surely be of use to you.

And if you are a pro photographer looking for upgrades or camera accessories to up your game, you have come to the right place. We would also love to hear what tips and tricks you have used in your career. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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