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Camera Drones – A Unique Flying Experience

Back in the 1800’s, when the concept of aerial photography was relatively new, people experimented with all sorts of flying equipment to have a successful view from above. Cameras were mounted atop hot air balloons, kites, rockets, airplanes and even birds to capture breathtaking views. After struggling with the complex yet these fascinating make-shifts, it was in 1858 that the first aerial photograph was taken. Since then the technique of taking pictures from a height has greatly evolved.

Aerial photography and videography began as a technology for satiating visual curiosity. Slowly the popularity of quadcopters gained pace as the need to keep a close eye on far off places increased. The first known productive use of aerial photography is from the time of World War 1. Off late, these miniature unmanned devices have been employed for humanitarian work in different parts of the world. From spotting rhino poachers in Kruger National Park in South Africa to helping rescue operators locate people stuck in debris or destroyed areas after hurricane Katrina struck.


Drones afford you the vantage point that is nearly impossible to achieve without investing time, money and effort. Following are some of the other benefits of this vastly useful tech innovation.

  • Drones let your vision fly, offering a bird’s eye view of vast expanses of landscape.
  • They help free up time, enabling people to use their potential to the fullest for tasks for which human presence is indispensable.
  • Drones come in handy at places where a manned aircraft’s reach is impossible as well as dangerous. Also, these mini devices gather data in a matter of minutes whereas it would take days to do the same activity undertaken via other means.
  • For the agriculture, mining and construction industries, the technology has proved to be quite cost-effective, giving higher resolution images as compared to satellites.

The current league of camera drones come equipped with features that truly offer a unique flying experience. Here are some that the best drones come with.

  • Easy in-flight drone handling through a smartphone or tablet.
  • Full HD video recording and live streaming. Videos can also be shared instantly.
  • A 14 megapixel camera for taking pictures
  • Advanced 3-axis video stabilization system

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