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Camera Care & Maintenance – How To Do It Right

(With our previous blog post emphasizing the importance of bags and cases for cameras, here is another useful post stressing on the essential camera cleaning ritual.)

Being excited about a recent purchase and wanting to retain its newness comes naturally to most. But keeping up that drive of regular upkeep is not everyone’s cup of tea. Soon most of us give up and develop a casual-to-lazy attitude towards general care and maintenance. This strategy, though not a recommended one, can work for things easy to replace or upgrade after sometime, but surely not for gadgets and that too cameras.

Whether you use cameras for professional reasons or just own a swanky one out of pleasure, caring for it is very important. Right from handling it delicately, to placing it on surfaces that will not cause it to scratch to carrying it along safely in a dedicated camera bag count as maintenance measures.

For the camera to perform well and deliver exceptional quality images even after years, while avoiding the hassles and exorbitant costs of repair, you can follow easy cleaning processes that will keep its mechanics functional and working well. Below we have compiled a list of tools that will help in perfect camera cleaning.

Cleaning Cloth – To maintain exceptional optical quality of your photographic equipment, choose a lint-free, micro-fibrous cleaning cloth for the lens. Make sure the lens cleaning cloth is anti-static. A special cloth for the lens, which is not weather-sealed, is suggested to absorb all the moisture and remove fingerprints and other unwanted traces of dust and dirt. You can also use disposable lens wipes for a perfect shine.

Cleaning Cloth

Lens Pen – Nothing cleans camera lens better than a lens pen. A unique combination of a soft-bristled retractable brush and self-replenishing carbon compound tip, the lens pen is highly recommended for a finer and detailed removal of smeared fingerprints and smudged oil, grease and dirt resulting from sweat and other natural causes.

Lens Pen

Lens Cap – Probably the best way to prevent the lens from attracting dust when not in use. You are still suggested to adopt specified cleaning and maintenance tools but the most basic of all is restoring the lens with a cap.

Lens Cap

Dust Blower – Dust is best removed when blown away. And what better than a dust blower made of environmental-friendly and non-toxic rubber and plastic to get rid of dust particles that settle over the lens surface overtime.

Dust Blower

Starter Kit – Shifting the focus from just lens to other parts of a camera, here we have a starter kit consisting of cotton swabs, lens cleaning fluid, cleaning cloth, screen protectors and a mini table tripod. There is much more to a camera like the viewfinder, various controls, and the entire body that need polishing and cleaning from time to time. The kit helps you with that.

Starter Kit

All the prescribed camera cleaning tools do not cost much and once bought will continue to come handy for a long time. And you will need these even more if you travel often, covering diverse terrains, from deserts and forests, to snow-covered mountains and sandy beaches. Every place you go, it is not just you who will bring back memories but your camera too will bring back some unwanted tag along, deeply seeped into its fine crevices.

Nothing is ever a one-time purchase but striving to make it last long enough and exhausting all that there is to it should be the ideal scenario. At Ryda we believe that with just a little attention and care, you can keep not just your much-loved camera, but even other gadgets in performing well and optimally.

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