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Camera Bags & Cases for Keeping Shooting Gear Safe

Whether you a professional photographer or just someone who is passionate about photography, investing in an expensive DSLR camera or related gear seems like a dream come true. And the joy of taking your brand new gadget on an assignment or simply on an unwinding trip is unmatched.

But mid-way through your fantastic trip, when you realize that caring for the camera’s safety is becoming cumbersome, it is quite heart-breaking. Don’t let your purchase become a killjoy and trust a more reliable option by shopping for a camera bag that will secure all your shooting gear in one place.

It will not only keep your gear safe but will also make for a convenient way to carry the elaborate camera kit. Now no more wrapping the camera body, lens, and other parts in a soft scarf like cloth and stuffing it between the protective layers of your duffle or suitcase. Read on to know more about the most popular bags and cases available today.

Backpacks – You must have bought backpacks for travel and everyday use but never one specially for your camera and related gear. Camera backpacks are a suggested buy because of many reasons. One of the major reasons for their popularity is their appearance, as it a bag that does not solely look like a camera bag and, therefore, does not attract negative attention to put the camera’s safety at risk. Different models come with specifications ranging from a bare minimum to an advanced level.

Camera Backpack

The most basic features to leave you fairly impressed, found in almost all camera backpacks, include separate compartments cut out for the various parts of the camera, water-repellent properties, a skillful design to ensure a protective cover, lightweight, etc. Backpacks are also possibly the best way to remain hands-free while distributing the weight evenly across your back for optimum lumber support.

Shoulder Bags – Shoulder camera bags are commonly associated with photo-journalists and are the traditional way of carrying cameras. But with time these good old bags have greatly evolved to accommodate the changing size of cameras. While choosing a shoulder bag, go with the one that is well-built with solid padding in the front and rear. Since shoulder bags have limited space, as opposed to the backpacks that even allow you to carry along laptops, don’t go in for shoulder bags with too thickly padded compartment dividers.

Shoulder Camera Bag

Top-Loading & Sling Bags – Top-loading bags offer quick mobility to take out or put back in your camera and other stuff. The design makes it fairly accessible for you to use the gear on-the-go with ease. While the slings are a stylish alternative for those looking to add some zing to their shooting routine, the top-loading bags offer comfort. Both the categories have dedicated sections spacious enough to comfortably fit in bigger or smaller cameras.

Camera Sling Bag

At Ryda, we don’t just house the best of everyday electronics and gadgets, but also related accessories to keep them in right shape and make them last longer with just a little care. Check out our well-curated collection and shop for the latest in trends but do not forget to buy something along with it to protect your purchase and help maintain it till the time you don’t decide to replace it with an even more exciting upgrade.

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