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Bring Moments to Life – Choose the Right Video Camera

Photographs seal moments while videos make those very moments come alive. But with so many devices, like smartphones and compact cameras, offering the convenience of recording videos, it is easy to be lazy and give in to the temptation of going with the available options. Doing this not only compromises on the video quality but is also a blasphemy in a way – to not shoot videos on a dedicated device. After all video cameras infuse life-like magic into the stillness and make everything look as fresh as ever even after years.

Before you venture out to buy a video camera, whether a full HD or an Ultra 4K performer, you should know why you want one, what all you might have to record and accordingly make an intelligent buying decision. With the market flooded with so many alternatives, you should go beyond brand fixation and swanky looks and focus more on specifications and functional features.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ rule when it comes to buying a video camera. Some may want it solely for indoor or purely for outdoor purposes. Others may want a device to record audio accurately along with video and some may require crystal clear close up shots of an animal or a sports person.

Video Camera

To give you a clearer view, we have put together some of the reasons to coax you into making an effort for a video camera. Read on to know how you can capture memories with an enriching touch keeping the vitality of the moments intact!

Sound Quality – The regular gadgets with video recording capability do not feature large enough and high quality microphones. For a complete audio and video experience invest in one with a built-in mic to equip videos with clearer and well-defined sounds. A proper video device lets you record sounds across a wide array of ranges; low, high, deep, while the high-end camcorders when connected to top-quality speakers can even reproduce surround sound.

Optical Zoom – This is the ability of the lens to close in on a subject without distorting the image quality. Expressed in multiples, such as 10X, 50X, which means that you can zoom-in ten times or fifty times closer to the thing being recorded. The kind of optical zoom required is entirely need based. Someone who is a wildlife, sports or live event videographer will require a higher optical zoom.

Image Stabilization – A shaky footage is the last thing you will want to see after a long day of shooting. Purchase a video device with image stabilizing feature to reduce the chances of ending up with blur visuals. Camcorders with image stabilization lend videos a smooth sense of motion and consistency while maintaining the focus on the finer details.

Sensor Size & Aperture – Video cameras with larger sensors and apertures are great for shooting in low light conditions like concerts or any indoor event. While small sensors and apertures will suffice for outdoor footages shot in plenty of natural light giving crisp, clear and phenomenal results.

All that is left for you to do is head to the Ryda online store and choose from a wide selection of video cameras available. With the above information in mind, you are sure to make a great choice based on your shooting style.

If you already own a video camera, tell us about your experience and how making this decision has given your videos an envious quality.

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