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Be Safe With Car Parking Aids

If the increasing number of vehicles on the roads, traffic jams and the resulting collisions and air and noise pollution are making you hate your commute and routine, then we are sure finding a parking space, is next in line as an additional bother. We take many precautions from wearing a seatbelt to buying a car model complete with airbags, carefully changing lanes, etc. while driving to avoid a mishap, then why leave out or ignore an equally important aspect – parking! We should be mindful of the repercussions and adopt safety measures to avoid causing even the slightest damage to any person or property while parking and reversing.

Learning to drive is not just the only skill that will help when on road but you have to learn to park like a pro as well. Keeping your safety and convenience in mind and to help with possible difficulties we all face, Ryda, brings to you parking aids like parking sensors, reversing cameras, for you to shop online.

Parking Sensors – The invisible but useful parking sensors are fitted into the rear bumper of cars. With a distance detection ability ranging from 0.2-1.5 metres, the sensors are designed to beep and let the person driving know that they are nearing an object and should be careful. The pitch of the beep increases if the car is very close for danger.

Not just the driver, the sensor sound also lets any passers-by know of a car being backed so they can maintain a safe distance. The sensors keep you from hitting the car to anything that might be trying to cross to the other side while you reverse. Even while parking in tight spots, the sensors come in handy and save you from having to spend on minor or major repairs.

Parking Sensors

Reversing Cameras – With road safety concerns increasing, so is the need for reversing cameras. Most fatalities take place because the driver is unable to look beyond the large blind zone behind the car. Whether the camera is fitted into the dashboard panel, complete with a LCD/TFT screen, or mounted on the dashboard or attached to the roof, it will aid in more confident decisions regarding reversing and parking. Be more vigilant and install a reverse camera to prevent accidents.

Reversing Camera

With the holidays approaching, the commotion on roads is bound to increase manifold. Prepare yourself for the festive season but also do not forget to be safe! Order today a parking aids device from our online store and also check out the accessories that can be paired with the devices for an improved performance.

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