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All your Home Audio Needs Taken Care Of!

There’s just no one who doesn’t want music! The amount of devices invented to supply our souls with this divine creation are increasing by the day. It all started with a gramophone, graduated to a transistor, then the boombox, walkman, MP3 player and now we are down to our modest mobile phones and other swanky iPods. Of course, the list of devices doesn’t stop here because of all things, music is something we never want out of our lives.

From having to store large records to buying cassettes and CDs to downloading songs from even 50 years ago and storing them in a digitized form is what marks the revolution in the music industry. The gadgets have become much smaller in size, free of wires and emit a much better quality sound than any of their predecessors. With music buffs wanting to have their music omnipresent and portable, the home audio needs have also been addressed to match a millennial’s music need.

We, at Ryda, present an entire collection of home audio systems to let you enjoy your favorite scores and tunes just as you like them.

Mini Systems – Remember those music systems from your teenage years. The mini systems with two large sideways speakers easily catered to large living areas with a rich sound. Today these systems come with high-wattage powerful sound output, super woofers, clear & crisp bass beats and many other features that can turn a low-key get together into a happening party in an instant.

Mini System

Micro Systems – A sleeker and more stylish looking version of the mini systems, the micro systems play music via a bluetooth, one-touch and even a USB connection. This is not all, the systems are also CD compatible and can play music through music streaming apps.

MIcro System

Wireless Speakers – The new wave of music devices that has truly made a difference and made listening to music all the more convenient and hands-free! Wireless speakers run your playlist effortlessly via a bluetooth connection, USB plug-in and even have a slot to insert a memory card. The compact, portable and durable speakers comprise a built-in rechargeable battery and boast of a strong run-time, as long as 14 hours at a stretch!

Wireless Speaker

Home Theatre Systems – Turn any part of your home into a movie theatre with a home theatre system. Apart from the full HD big screen experience, the surround sound feature delivers excellent quality and close-to-life natural sounds. The crystal clear audio gives a feel of being present at the scene being watched or music being heard run through a wireless bluetooth one-touch connection.

Home Theater System

To make your Christmas even more special, we are shipping orders above $99 for free! Hurry and book a home audio device today. Don’t worry even if the item you shortlist is out of stock, we replenish the inventory for 98% of items requested for within 72 hours.

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