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All About Conversion Lens

With advancement in technology came not just better devices to give your skills a boost, but also ways by which you could save money, and still get the benefits of high-end gadgets. This description stands more or less true for camera conversion lens. A conversion lens, is basically used for modifying or extending the focal length range of a basic digital camera’s native lens.

Since, not everyone can afford the luxury of having a DSLR, the desire for clicking stunning and versatile shots remains unsatisfied. It is here that the conversion lens come to the rescue. With an adaptable converter at your disposal, you are able to experiment and capture images, that on-camera lens cannot. Make sure to check in advance that your camera supports conversion lens. If not, then a compatible lens adapter might come in handy. Do all that enables you to click a dream picture!

To take the discussion further let us look at the various kinds of lens that can are available not just at our online store but also otherwise.

Tele-Converter or Telephoto Lens – There are two types of tele-converter lens, front tele-converter and a rear-tele-converter lens. This type of lens basically doubles the focal length, increasing the magnifying power. You are able to get within a frame, the finest of details which otherwise, are not easy to photograph.

Very useful while covering places or objects from a distance, especially when you cannot be proximal to the subject. This key quality of zooming in and zooming out with ease while locking in the essence is best suited to people photographing architectural monuments, landscapes in general, covering sports events, or indulging in bird watching and wildlife photography.

Tele-Converter Lens

Wide-Angle Lens – If there have been times when you wanted to capture an expansive view, but your camera lens was unable to do that, a wide-angle conversion lens could have solved the problem. A wide -angle lens, in simple terms, widens your camera’s field of view to accommodate more area in a single photo.

Wide-Angle Lens

Fisheye Lens – The fisheye lens have an extremely wide viewing angle stretching upto 180 degrees and give interesting and fun spherical shots. The view is very wholesome in nature and best suited for use by marine photographers. Next time you go deep down in water, you know which lens to take along to get the perfect clicks with minimal swivelling water effect.

Fisheye Lens

At the Ryda online store you will find conversion lens by renowned brands like XIT, Canon, Panasonic and many more companies known to deliver exceptional quality products. Select the lens as per your photography needs and once you purchase all that is left for you to do is to go out and take the best shot!

If you shop for lens that are above $99, you will have them shipped for free. Not just this, you might get lucky while shopping for a converter and stumble upon some other product, you had been looking for, and get it at 50% off under our special new year sale. Happy Shopping 🙂

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