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Action Camera Accessories – Performance Made Better

Action cameras are a powerhouse device meant for capturing high quality, wide angle videos of outdoor adventures and extreme sports. Since the videos will mostly be captured by the person involved in the activity, having the right kind of accessories is paramount. And like any other gadget, action cameras too come with a list of compatible accessories that facilitate better handling of the device and enable you to make the most out of its features. Because you will be recording in-motion and point-of-view (POV) moments, the accessories should be versatile enough so as to make the process of self-filming convenient.

With a wide variety of action camera accessories available out there, you need to ascertain which one will be the best fit for the activity you are going to undertake. Also you will need to check if the add-on is compatible with the camera you have. If you already have an action camera and are looking for accessories then you are at the right place. Read on to equip your camera with the right accessory.

Wrist & Chest Mount – A wrist band mount lets you capture videos with a dedicated focus on the activity being undertaken. Great option for divers and bikers. A chest strap offers stability while in motion. Reducing the camera shake, a chest strap records the best POV vision while showing the person in action. Highly recommended for skiers. The idea behind using a body mount is to record your hands and feet doing the real stuff. Select a camera angle, not very high or low but a comfortable middle point, so that both the sense of action as well as the surrounding beauty are retained.

Wrist Band

Action Grip & Pole – Resembling a selfie stick, an action grip is just like a monopod that is hand held to record the experience. Ideal for snowboarders and surfers who have the luxury to hold the camera in their hand and experiment with different angles to shoot their action-filled adventure. An action grip does not restrict you with just one view but allows the freedom of imbuing the videos with a variety of perspectives.

Action Camera Pole

Due to the grip’s limited height, it cannot go above a certain point, hence the need for a pole. A pole attaches to the bottom of the grip and acts as an extension to go higher up, giving you an even more wider view.

Safety Cases – Just like other gadgets, which are placed in bags or cases to keep out of harm’s way, action cameras are equally vulnerable to being damaged. Keeping your action cam in a dedicated case will ensure its safety while travelling or when not in use. Get a soft, lightweight, spacious, flexible and in some cases even a waterproof case that can hold the camera along with its related accessories.. This will not just safeguard the camera and its essentials but also keep everything in one place, reducing their chances of getting misplaced. It is recommended to buy a case along with the camera and not delay the purchase.

Action Camera Safety Case

Find a well-curated collection of all the above listed accessories by specialist brands at our online store. And if you do not yet own an action camera and have been contemplating the decision to buy one lately, again, you are at the right place! Check out our online inventory for the best action cameras.

Which accessory(s) you prefer the most over others and why is it your favorite? Share with us in the comments section below. Would love to start a conversation!

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