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Eneloop (AA) NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (4PK)

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  • Panasonic AA Eneloop - 4 Pack
  • Panasonic AA Eneloop - 2 Pack

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Product Info

Product Info

Check out the Panasonic Eneloop 4 Pack Rechargeable Batteries' Key Features
(Panasonic BK3MCCE4BA)

  • Genuine Australian Panasonic 1 Year Warranty
  • Peace of Mind Purchase Guarantee (bottom of page)
  • 4x AA Eneloop batteries
  • Incredibly economical
  • An environmental contribution
  • Up to 2100 charge cycle and holds its charge even after 5 years of storage


With the world going through harsh times with regards to climate, Panasonic have stepped up to make their contribution to making the world a healthier place. Introducing the Panasonic AA Eneloop - 4 Pack. These batteries are designed for the purpose of saving you money in the long run, having the capability of being recharged up to 2100 times. They are also, as expressed in the features, incredibly eco friendly. Make a healthy contribution to the environment and save doing it. Sounds good!


About Eneloop Batteries
The number of dry-cell batteries sold in one year worldwide is about 40 billion. When these batteries are dead, they find their way to the landfills. By using rechargeable batteries, we can change our lifestyle from one that repeatedly discards batteries to one that repeatedly reuses them.

Eneloop Batteries are Incredibly Economical
Although eneloop batteries cost a little more than conventional dry-cells, their long-term financial benefits far outweigh the initial outlay. Given that eneloop batteries can be recharged 2,100 times**, you can be sure they will save you an incredible amount of money over time.

Eneloop is Ready for Action Straight off the Shelf
Our eneloop batteries are pre-charged using solar power, so they are ready to use as soon as you take them out of the packet. What’s more, even after 5 years’ storage, eneloop batteries still hold their power, so you can be certain that they will always be ready for action.

Eneloop Batteries are Perfect for High Drain Devices
Use eneloop batteries to get more out of high drain devices such as digital and flash cameras, toys, game controllers, flashlights and more. Due to their power retention capabilities, eneloop batteries are also perfect for low drain devices such as remote controls and smoke alarms.

  • Recharge up to 2,100 times
    Your initial investment is quickly recovered

  • Solar charged
    First charged at the factory using solar power

  • Pre-charged and ready to use
    Retains 65% of its charge even after 5 years of storage

Panasonic - The Company, The Brand

In 2018 one of the world's largest electronics companies will turn 100. If you are old enough you will remember the National brand which then went on to become National Panasonic. Panasonic holds a worldwide reputation for producing highly reliable, cutting edge and very affordable products. Panasonic has a large and varied range of products from Automotive, Aviation, Communications and Entertainment only to name a few. Nearly 30 years later we have no hesitation in recommending Panasonic products to our customers.

Peace of Mind Purchase Guarantee
This product is supplied via Panasonic Australia and enjoys the FULL benefits of the 'Genuine Panasonic Australian Warranty'. (You may also be entitled to other consumer warranties as provided by the Australian Consumer Guarantee and these entitlements are not limited by this warranty). In the event that this product should fail please contact our service department or you can speak with Panasonic Australia directly.

We are a FULLY AUTHORISED Australian retailer for Panasonic Australia.

Due to differing operating costs associated with selling products via different marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon or our Online Store, our pricing may vary as a result.

In The Box

What's Included?

  • 4 x Panasonic AA Eneloop Batteries (BK-3MCCE/4BA)

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