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Panasonic KX-PRW120AZW Cordless Phones (TWIN)

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  • Panasonic KX-PRW120AZW Cordless Phones (TWIN)

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Product Info

Product Info

Check out the Panasonic KX-PRW120AZW Cordless Phones Twin Pack's Key Features
(Panasonic KXPRW120AZWKIT2)

  • Genuine Australian Panasonic 1 Year Warranty
  • Peace of Mind Purchase Guarantee (bottom of page)
  • Kit Includes: 1 x KX-PRW120 Cordless Phone, 1 x KX-PRWA10 Cordless Phone
  • Wi-Fi technology / Smartphone connectivity
  • Stylish lay-down design with large colour LCD
  • Baby monitor sound detection and calling feature
  • Noise reduction for clear conversations
  • One touch eco mode and voicemail forwarding


This twin pack includes one Panasonic KX-PRW120 cordless handset with answering system and one KX-PRWA10 cordless phone.

The Panasonic KX-PRW120AZW cordless handset has a QVGA LCD display and is smartphone compatible. With the Smartphone Connect App, you can transform up to four smartphones or tablets into DECT handsets and take landline calls on your paired device. It can also be used as a baby monitor to detect sounds and alert you. Panasonic KX-PRW120AZW beautifully combines sophisticated design with advanced functionality.


Premium cordless phone, featuring ultra-modern smartphone connectivity and advanced calling features
Sophisticated design meets advanced functionality with this state of the art cordless phone. Slim and stylish with smartphone compatibility, a lay-down handset, large colour screen and a host of useful features, this phone has been created with the discerning user in mind.

Smartphone functionality transforms your communications
The KX-PRW120 boasts Wi-Fi technology to broaden your communication abilities. With the Smartphone Connect Application, your smartphone transforms into a DECT handset. You can register up to four devices such as your smartphone and tablet via Wi-Fi as a handset and also register five additional DECT handsets. With an incoming call, there is no need to rush to your DECT handset, as you can simply take the call with your smartphone at home.

Stylish lay-down design and improved graphical user interface
This phone features a lay-down handset style that looks fantastic in any room and also makes it easier to pick up, operate and dial with one hand. A beautiful graphic user interface displayed on a large 2.2” (QVGA) TFT colour LCD ensures numbers and text are easy to read, while the oversized, well laid out buttons enable easy operation.

Use your phone as a baby monitor
This clever phone can also be used as a baby monitor to detect sounds such as a baby’s crying, and then alert you so you can monitor the sound via handset in another room. This function can even be programmed to call a pre-set external line.

Reduce background noise by up to 75 percent
Unique to Panasonic, the Noise Reduction Function reduces the background noise from the other caller by up to 75 per cent making the person’s voice easier to hear. Pressing the smart key or NR button on the handset can easily access this feature.

Energy-saving features plus Advanced TAM
Here at Panasonic we are committed to producing energy-saving designs and technology. With the KX-PRW120AZW, this dedication to eco ideas is highlighted by the One-Touch Eco Mode feature. When you select the Eco Mode at the touch of a button, you are able to reduce the signal output or turn off the backlight, improving energy efficiency and reducing power consumption. This phone also features Advanced TAM voicemail forwarding that calls a pre-set external line to forward any voice mail received at home.

Other Features:

  • Noise reduction
    Reduce the background noise of the other party

  • Incoming call barring (100 numbers)
    Stop unwanted junk calls

  • Key Finder / Key Detector compatible
    The handset detects lost items. Up to 4 Key Finders / Key Detectors can be used.

  • 3 Numbers per name in the phonebook
    Up to 500 number entries, Shared Phonebook

  • Baby monitor
    Smart baby care in another room

  • SMS compatible
    Enjoy SMS at home.

  • Advanced TAM
    Catch answering machine calls whether you are at home or away

  • One touch eco mode
    The signal output is reduced

  • Caller ID / Talking caller ID
    Announces who is calling

Panasonic - The Company, The Brand

In 2018 one of the world's largest electronics companies will turn 100. If you are old enough you will remember the National brand which then went on to become National Panasonic. Panasonic holds a worldwide reputation for producing highly reliable, cutting edge and very affordable products. Panasonic has a large and varied range of products from Automotive, Aviation, Communications and Entertainment only to name a few. Nearly 30 years later we have no hesitation in recommending Panasonic products to our customers.

Peace of Mind Purchase Guarantee
This product is supplied via Panasonic Australia and enjoys the FULL benefits of the 'Genuine Panasonic Australian Warranty'. (You may also be entitled to other consumer warranties as provided by the Australian Consumer Guarantee and these entitlements are not limited by this warranty). In the event that this product should fail please contact our service department or you can speak with Panasonic Australia directly.

We are a FULLY AUTHORISED Australian retailer for Panasonic Australia.

Due to differing operating costs associated with selling products via different marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon or our Online Store, our pricing may vary as a result.

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

Colour W[White]
Handset (Quantity) 1
Frequency 1.9 GHz
Frequency Range 1.88 GHz - 1.90 GHz
Number of Channels 120 Channels
System DECT
Number of Phone Lines 1
Multiple Handsets Capability Up to 6 Handsets
Multiple Base Units Capability Up to 4 Base Units
LCD Language English, German, Spanish, Norwegian, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Greek, Turkish, Portuguese, Catalan
Wi-Fi® Connection Y (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Wi-Fi® Connection - Requires wireless router for Wi-Fi connection.
Power Saving  
Low Radio Power Y
One Touch Eco Mode Y
Smartphone Connect  
Smartphone Connect Y
Smartphone Connect - Requires wireless router for Wi-Fi connection.
Multiple Smartphones Capability Up to 4 Smartphones
Supported devices iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad, or
Supported devices iPad mini (iOS 5.0 or later)
Supported devices or
Supported devices An Android device (Android 4.0 or later)
Wireless Network Standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Simplified configuration WPS (PBC)
Wi-Fi Repeater Mode Y
Phonebook Copy from Smartphone Y
Ringtone Copy from Smartphone Y (30 items)
Ringtone Copy from Smartphone - Android version app only.
Wallpaper Image Copy from Smartphone Y(2 items)
Wallpaper Image Copy from Smartphone - Android version app only.
Conference Call with Outside Landline and Smartphone Y
Conference Call with Outside Landline and Smartphone - Only one smartphone can participate in a conference call.
Transfering Landline Call (between Smartphone and Handsets) Y
Playing Aanswering System Messages Y
Key Finder Compatible Y
Multiple Key Finder Capability Up to 4 Key Finders
Repeater Available Y
Clear Sound Y
Noise Reduction Y
Customized Sound System (Equalizer) Treble/Bass
Baby Monitor Y
Any Key Answer Y
Night Mode Y
Call Restriction Y
Conference Call with Outside Line Y
Conference Call with Outside Line 3Way
Conference Call with Outside Line - Optional handset may be required depending on the model.
Call Share Y
Call Share - Optional handset may be required depending on the model.
Intercom (Handset to Handset) Y
Intercom (Handset to Handset) - Optional handset may be required depending on the model.
Clock Y
Calendar/Scheduler Y
Advanced Alarm (A day of the week / Snooze) Y/Y
Alarm (Wake-up / Memo alarm) Y/Y
Caller ID/ Phonebook  
Caller ID Y
Caller ID - Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
Caller ID Memory 50 items
Caller ID Memory - Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
Call Waiting Caller ID Y
Call Waiting Caller ID - Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
Category Ringer / Ringer ID Y
Category Ringer / Ringer ID - Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
Category Ringer / Ringer ID - Requires registration in Phonebook function.
Incoming Call Barring Y(100 numbers)
Incoming Call Barring - Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or SMS service offered by your telephone company.
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number) 1 name + 1 phone number: 500 items
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number) 1 name + 2 phone numbers: 250 items
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number) 1 name + 3 phone numbers: 166 items
Base Unit Phonebook Memory (Name/Number) (16char/24digits)
Shared Phonebook Y
Speed Dial (Handset) Y
Chain Dial Y(Handset)
LCD 2.2 inch
LCD FullDot TFT Colour
LCD 65K Colours
LCD 240x320 pixels (QVGA)
LCD Backlight Colour White
Illuminated Keypad White
Speakerphone (Volume Steps) Y(6-step)
Icon Operation (Number of Icons) Y(9)
Ringer Pattern (Tone+Melody) 40(10+30)
Polyphonic Ringer Melody 32 chord
Ringer Volume Steps 6+OFF
Receiver Volume Steps 4
Redial Memory 10(Name & Number)
Redial Memory - It requires registration in the phonebook to display the name.
Digits of Redial Number 24
Auto Redial Y
Hold Y
Mute Y
Key Lock Y
Short Stroke Key Y
Base Unit  
Handset Locator Y
Answering System  
Answering System Y
Total Recording Time About 40 min
Fast-Forwarding and Rewinding Message Y
Audible Message Alert Y(Handset)
New Message Notification by a Call Y
Announcement Language of New Message Notification English
Visual Message List (Handset LCD) Y
Recording Conversation Y
Call screening (Handset) Y
Language of Pre-recorded Greeting Message English
Remote Operation from Handset Y
Remote Operation from Outside (DTMF) Y
Toll Saver (New Messages Recorded / No New Message) 2/5
Optional Handset  
Optional Handset Y(KX-PRWA10)
Rechargeable Battery Ni-MH(AAA x 2)
Talk Time Up to 11 hours
Standby Time Up to 150 hours
Charge Time About 7 hours
Power Consumption  
Standby Power Consumption 2.0 W
Dimensions/ Weight  
Base Unit Dimensions (W x D x H) Approx. 116 mm x 92 mm x 31 mm
Handset Dimensions (W x D x H) Approx. 47 mm x 35 mm x 153 mm
Charger Dimensions (W x D x H) Approx. 71 mm x 92 mm x 29 mm
Base Unit Weight Approx. 150 g
Handset Weight with Battery Approx. 140 g
Charger Weight Approx. 140 g
In The Box

What's Included?

  • 1 x Panasonic KX-PRW120 Cordless Phone with Answering Machine
  • 1 x Panasonic KX-PRWA10 Additional Handset

3 Customer Reviews

I love my Panasonic KX-TGF382AZ!
Why do I love thee? Let me enumerate the ways...
(With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning!)

A 3000-entry phonebook, shared with all the handsets;
Call-Block memory for most of those nuisance callers (unless they hide their number);
Can answer and make calls through paired mobile phone, from the base or handsets;
Voice announcements of who's calling (by name if in your phonebook, otherwise their number);
Voice announcements when you receive an SMS on a paired mobile;
In-built battery backup for power blackouts;
Programmable RECALL pulse-duration for those non-standard VoIP ATAs supplied by some NBN resellers;
Clear, large, tiltable display on base;
In-built answering machine;
Speakerphone mode on both base and handsets;

Great features, and easy to set up. Transferred hundreds of contacts from our two smartphones, so didn't have to key in much at all. The ring volume is a little softer than my old Uniden, but the spoken names sort of compensates.
Best of both worlds.
The Panasonic KX-TDF382AZ corded / cordless combo gives the best of both worlds, exactly what I was looking for.
I found the initial setting up was better explained on the internet than the instruction booklet which I found to be lacking detail, but that may just be me.
Overall, I am more than happy with the purchase and have now retired my three former fixed line phones to history.
Excellent and Smart phone
I read some reviews online before I purchase this phone but it seems rather negative. I also read the specification on Panasonic site and find it is quite okay. After purchased, I must say my whole family loved these phones. I have also connected up 4 mobile devices phone and iPad to it in less than 15mins. The internal speaker is a bit soft but acceptable. Using speaker mode or connect to smartphone totally eliminate this issue. The tricky bit is setup wallpaper as I have read many internet users have problems with. I managed to work it out with 3 steps. 1. upload the wallpaper from smartphone, 2. select the wallpaper using menu code, 3. changing the clock to small or off.
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