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Nikon 1 Nikkor 32mm f1.2 Lens - Black

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  • Nikon JVA301DA 1 Nikkor 32mm F1.2 Lens - Black
  • Nikon JVA301DA 1 Nikkor 32mm F1.2 Lens - Black

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Product Info

Product Info

Check out the Nikon 1 Nikkor 32mm f1.2 Lens's Key Features
(Nikon JVA301DA)

  • Genuine Nikon Australian 2 Year Warranty (via registration)
  • Peace of Mind Purchase Guarantee (bottom of page)
  • Nikon 1 Nikkor 32mm f1.2 Lens in BLACK
  • Optimized for the CX-format Nikon 1 system
  • The fastest 1 NIKKOR lens—f/1.2 maximum aperture
  • Versatile 32mm medium telephoto perspective (86mm equivalent on 35mm format)
  • Maximum low-light performance and depth of field control for bright photos without a flash and beautifully blurred backgrounds
  • Advanced NIKKOR lens technologies like Silent Wave Motor (SWM) and Nano Crystal Coat (N)


Unleash your potential for creative image expression with the 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 – the fastest 1 NIKKOR lens. This medium-telephoto lens has a focal length of 32mm (86mm in 35mm [135] format). Its maximum aperture of f/1.2 delivers breathtaking images with gorgeous background blurs in a range of lighting conditions. This lens introduces 3 new features to the 1 NIKKOR line. Nano Crystal Coat technology reduces flare and ghosting, even when capturing backlit subjects. A Silent Wave Motor ensures quiet operation. When shooting with a shallow depth-of-field, use its focus ring for precise fine-tuning in manual-priority autofocus mode.

While expressing beautiful image blur through the large maximum aperture of f/1.2, higher shutter speeds can be used, which maximizes the advantage of the Nikon 1 system. Taking advantage of an angle of view equivalent to a medium-telephoto focal length of approximately 86 mm lens (in 35mm [135] format), it is the optimal lens for authentic image creation of not only portraits, but also snapshots and landscape photos.


Maximum aperture of f/1.2, producing beautifully blurred images
Because this fast lens features a rounded diaphragm opening as well as an extremely shallow depth of field at maximum aperture, it is capable of expressing a large degree of smooth image blur.

In this way, you can capture an image that creates a gentle and warm atmosphere, because the background blur will emphasize the subject and softly reproduce the ambience of the entire scene.

With 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 at f/1.2

With 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 at f/5.6

Motion Snapshot with 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 at f/1.2

High resolution only achievable with a single-focal-length lens
Since a single-focal-length, medium-telephoto lens provides clear rendering with minimal distortion, along with high resolution from the center of the image to the peripheral areas, a clear and sharp image is realized. To maintain high resolution with minimal aberration even at a short focus distance, the Close-Range Correction (CRC) system is adopted. The lens’ comparatively short minimum focus distance of 0.45 m allows you to get closer to subjects.

Taken at f/1.2

Taken at f/4

First lens in the 1 NIKKOR to employ Nano Crystal Coat
Using Nano Crystal Coat can effectively reduce the ghost and flare effects that are likely to occur in backlit situations. This allows you to capture clear, high-contrast images with sharp reproduction of textural detail.
Employed in interchangeable lenses for Nikon single-lens reflex cameras, it delivers power not only for portraits, but also for snapshots and landscape photos, etc.

Focus ring supports manual-priority autofocus (M/A) function
This lens employs a manual-priority autofocus (M/A) function, which enables you to make manual focus adjustments, even during autofocus operation.
When shooting at larger apertures (smaller f-numbers), the depth of field becomes extremely shallow, making it difficult to focus on your desired point. In this case, the focus can be fine-tuned by rotating the focus ring, delivering power that achieves fine and delicate image creation. This function, also employed in the interchangeable lenses for Nikon single-lens reflex cameras, is a useful tool when you want to reflect your creative intentions.

First lens in the 1 NIKKOR to incorporate an SWM
Employing the SWM (Silent Wave Motor) makes it possible to adopt the Close-Range Correction (CRC) system that realizes high image quality with minimal distortion even at a short focus distance. The SWM is also used in various interchangeable lenses for Nikon single-lens reflex cameras.

Quiet operation common to other 1 NIKKOR lenses is inherited
The 1 NIKKOR 32mm f/1.2 is designed to reduce AF drive sound during shooting. This advantage also applies to movie recording. Compact and lightweight system with high-quality metallic exterior
By reducing the size and weight of the system, including the body, you have a greater possibility of encountering more photographic opportunities, because you can easily carry it with you. The focus ring has a metallic roulette, which is a common motif in the 1 NIKKOR line. With its easy-to-hold, high-quality refined exterior it delivers an uncompromising sense of satisfaction whenever you carry and use it.

Nikon Corporation

One of the world's largest and most respected photographic companies turned 100 this 2017. Nikon was one of the innovators of the DSLR camera and was the first company to enable video recording on a DSLR camera, in fact NASA called on Nikon to provide the photographic equipment on the Space Shuttle. No longer in the shadow of its competitors, Nikon now stands up as a world leader if not the world leader in digital photography and we believe that Nikon always represents great value and even better technology.

Peace of Mind Purchase Guarantee & Declaration of Warranty
This product is supplied directly via Nikon Australia and enjoys the FULL benefits of the 'NIKON - AUSTRALIAN WARRANTY'. (You may also be entitled to other consumer warranties as provided by the Australian Consumer Guarantee and these entitlements are not limited by this warranty). Should this product fail, you have the option of contacting the manufacturer / supplier directly.

We are a FULLY AUTHORISED Australian retailer for Nikon Australia.

This product will be shipped from our Sydney Warehouse. This product is NOT DROP SHIPPED from overseas.

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

Type 1 mount lens
Focal length 32 mm
Maximum aperture f/1.2
Minimum aperture f/16
Lens construction 9 elements in 7 groups (including lens elements with Nano-Crystal coatings)
Angle of view 28°
Minimum focus distance 0.45 m (1.48 ft) from focal plane
Maximum reproduction ratio (35mm [135] equivalent ratio) Approx. 0.08x (approx. 0.22x)
Diaphragm blades 7 (rounded diaphragm opening)
Diaphragm Fully automatic
Aperture range f/1.2 - f/16
Filter-attachment size 52 mm (P=0.75 mm) *1
Dimensions Approx. 65.5 mm diameter x 47 mm (distance from camera lens mount flange)
Weight Approx. 235 g (8.3 oz)
In The Box

What's Included?

  • JVA301DA 1 Nikkor 32mm F1.2 Lens - Black

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