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JBL Car Audio

JBL - The Company
Founded by James Bullough Lansing in 1946, JBL have become an internationally known powerhouse of performance speakers through each and every audio industry in the world. Harman International helped reach that milestone by the 1970's and JBL became responsible for producing industry leading loudspeakers to all professional audio industries worldwide.

All these decades of research and development have come together to produce some of the finest subwoofers, speakers and amplifiers money can buy.

JBL - The Range
JBL is recognised as being a leader in the audio industry at home, in the car and outdoors.

At RYDA we proudly stock one of the largest ranges of JBL speakers available. JBL has a speaker to suit nearly all types of cars and budgets. Obviously nowhere near our cheapest brand of car speakers, we should have a JBL speaker to suit your needs and we welcome your inquiry shuold you have any problems in selecting the right JBL speaker for your car.

JBL GTO series forms the foundation of the JBL range and is designed for the purest. Most of the JBL GTO series will perform at their best when matched to an appropriate amplifier. There are not many other speakers that perform and sound better than the JBL GTO series.

JBL CLUB and STAGE are a more affordable range of speakers but yet high performing. Both of the CLUB and STAGE range of speakers will perform well off your existing car stereo head unit but will also happily manage being paired to a suitable amplifier. The JBL CLUB and STAGE range of speakers are a great factory upgrade speaker selection.