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The latest in home monitoring is now available from Panasonic and we have the full range. While it is simple to use and easy to set up the new Panasonic home monitoring solution has all of the features to keep your family and home safe. Note: we have created a brief over view of the range at the bottom of this page.

Panasonic Home Monitoring

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Panasonic Home Monitoring System Overview

Whether you are concerned about elderly family members, the younger ones in the family, the pets or the home in general the new Panasonic home monitoring system is a easy to use, simple to install and a quality built Panasonic product.

Some of the most common uses for the Panasonic monitoring system so far are as a baby monitor, monitoring your home while away on holidays, monitoring the children while you are at work or out, monitoring trades people around the home (this can be in or outside the home), monitor elderly parents or family even from their own home (they will need an internet connection for this to work), automate and control appliances around the home like lights while you are away.

Why is the product so simple to use. OK, so whether you buy one of the prepackaged Panasonic kits or you start with the hub and buy the sensors as you need them it is easy and the beauty is the choice is yours. Most of us have bought a cordless phone and found it is easy enough to setup and turn on, well the Panasonic home monitoring system works the same way and in actual fact it works on the same frequency that the newer range of cordless phones work on and that is DECT technology and this is a great thing because in a nut shell DECT is one of the strongest transmission technologies we have available today and yes it is stronger than WiFi technology, up to 5 times stronger and this means more freedom to place the cameras and sensors where you want.

It really can't get any easier once the device or sensor is connected to the system you can place it all but anywhere (in the case of some devices like cameras you will need a power point) and start protecting your home and family.

With an easy to use app for Apple or Android and the ability to record break ins and even alert a burglar via your voice that they are being monitored and the police are on the way, you will have a level of piece of mind knowing that your home is being monitored.