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  • Garmin City Navigator Maps - Russia

Garmin City Navigator Maps - Russia

Product Code : 0101124800

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Product Info

Product Info

Garmin City Navigator Maps - Russia
Micro SD/SD

Navigate the streets of Russia with confidence. This product provides detailed road maps and points of interest for your compatible device, so you can navigate with exact, turn-by-turn directions to any address or intersection. Route to restaurants, gas stations, lodging, attractions and more.

  • Displays roads and names in the Cyrillic alphabet (not available in English).
  • Includes more than 2.1 million km (1.3 million mi) of roads, including motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads, in Russia.
  • Displays more than 215,000 points of interest throughout the country, including restaurants, lodging, attractions, shopping and more.
  • Gives turn-by-turn directions on your compatible device.
  • Speaks street names (example: "Turn right on Main Street")
  • Includes navigational features, such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories and more.
  • Contains traffic data for compatible devices that use traffic receivers.

About Coverage

With this purchase, you'll have access to the entire coverage map, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and the intertown road network in western Russia, specifically:

Road network coverage of Adygeysk, Giaginskaya, Koshekhabl', Krasnogvardeyskiy, Maykop, Maykopskiy, Shovgenovskiy, Takhtamukayskiy, Teuchezhskiy

Road network coverage of Ufa, Abzelilovskiy, Al'sheevskiy, Arkhangel'skiy, Askinskiy, Aurgazinskiy, Bakalinskiy, Baltachevskiy, Baymakskiy, Belebeevskiy, Belokatayskiy, Beloretskiy, Birskiy, Bizhbulyakskiy, Blagovarskiy, Blagoveshchenskiy, Buraevskiy, Burzyanskiy, Buzdyakskiy, Chekmagushevskiy, Chishminskiy, Davlekanovskiy, Duvanskiy, Dyurtyulinskiy, Ermekeevskiy, Fedorovskiy, Gafuriyskiy, Iglinskiy, Ilishevskiy, Ishimbayskiy, Kaltasinskiy, Karaidel'skiy, Karmaskalinskiy, Khaybullinskiy, Kiginskiy, Krasnokamskiy, Kugarchinskiy, Kumertau, Kushnarenkovskiy, Kuyurgazinskiy, Mechetlinskiy, Meleuzovskiy, Mendeleevskiy, Menzelinskiy, Mishkinskiy, Miyakinskiy, Neftekamsk, Nurimanovskiy, Oktyabr'skiy, Salavatskiy, Sharanskiy, Sterlibashevskiy, Sterlitamakskiy, Tatyshlinskiy, Tuymazinskiy, Uchalinskiy, Ufimskiy, Yanaul'skiy, Zianchurinskiy, Zilairskiy

Road network coverage of Chelyabinsk

Road network coverage of Furmanovskiy, Gavrilovo-Posadskiy, Il'inskiy, Ivanovo, Ivanovskiy, Kineshemskiy, Komosomol'skiy, Lezhnevskiy, Lukhskiy, Palekhskiy, Pestyakovskiy, Privolzhskiy, Puchezhskiy, Rodnikovskiy, Savinskiy, Shuyskiy, Teykovskiy, Verkhnelandekhovskiy, Vichugskiy, Yur'evetskiy, Yuzhskiy, Zavolzhskiy

Road network coverage of Kaliningrad
Road network coverage of Kaluga
Krasnodarskiy Kray
Road network coverage of Abinskiy, Anapa, Apsheronskiy, Armavir, Beloglinskiy, Belorechensk, Bryukhovetskiy, Dinskiy, Eysk, Eyskiy, Gelendzhik, Goryachiy Klyuch, Gul'Kevichskiy, Kalininskiy, Kanevskiy, Kavkazskiy, Korenovskiy, Krasnoarmeyskiy, Krasnodar, Kropotkin, Krylovskiy, Krymsk, Krymskiy, Kurganinskiy, Kushchevskiy, Labinsk, Labinskiy, Leningradskiy, Mostovskiy, Novokubanskiy, Novopokrovskiy, Novorossiysk, Otradnenskiy, Primorsko-Akhtarskiy, Severskiy, Shcherbinovskiy, Slavyanskiy, Slavyansk-Na-Kubani, Sochi, Starominskiy, Tbilisskiy, Temryukskiy, Tikhoretsk, Tikhoretskiy rayon, Timashevskiy, Tuapse, Tuapsinskiy, Uspenskiy, Ust'-Labinskiy, Vyselkovskiy
Krasnoyarskiy Kray
Detailed coverage of Krasnoyarsk
Detailed coverage of Gatchinskiy and Luzhskiy
Road network coverage of Boksitogoskiy, Kingiseppskiy, Kirishskiy, Kirovskiy, Lodeynopol'skiy, Lomonosovskiy, Podporozhskiy, Priozyorskiy, Slantsevskiy, Tikhvinskiy, Tosnenskiy, Volkhovskiy, Volosovskiy, Vsevolozhskiy, Vyborgskiy
Road network coverage of Lipetsk
Detailed coverage of Balashikha, Dmitrov, Istra, Khimki, Klin, Krasnogorsk, Leninsky, Lyubertsy, Mozhaysk, Mytishchi, Naro-Fominsk, Odintsovo, Pushkino, Ruza, Shakhovskaya, Solnechnogorsk, Taldom, Volokolamsk
Road network coverage of Chekhovskiy, Domodedovskiy, Egor'evskiy, Kashirsa, Kolomena, Lotoshinskiy, Lukhovickiy, Noginskiy, Orekhovo-Zuevskiy, Ozjorskiy, Pavlovo-Posadskiy, Podol'skiy, Ramenskiy, Serebryano-Prudskiy, Sergievo-Posadskiy, Serpukhovskiy, Shaturskiy, Shhjolkovskiy, Stupino Voskresenskiy, Zarayskiy
Detailed coverage of Moskva (Moscow)
Road network coverage of Nizhniy Novgorod
Road network coverage of Batetskiy, Borovichskiy, Chudovskiy, Demyanskiy, Kholmskiy, Khvoyninskiy, Krestetskiy, Lyubytinskiy, Malovisherskiy, Moshenskoy, Novgorodskiy, Okulovskiy, Parfiniskiy, Pestovskiy, Poddorskiy, Shimskiy, Soletskiy, Starorusskiy, Valdayskiy, Volotovskiy
Road network coverage of Novosibirsk
Road network coverage of Omsk
Permskiy Kray
Road network coverage of Perm
Detailed coverage of Rostov-Na-Donu
Road network coverage of Samara and Tolyatti
Detailed coverage of Sankt-Petersburg (Saint Petersburg)
Road network coverage of Ekaterinburg
Road network coverage of Kazan, Agryzskiy, Aksubaevskiy, Aktanyshskiy, Alekseevskiy, Al'keevskiy, Al'met'evskiy, Apastovskiy, Arskiy, Atninskiy, Aznakaevskiy, Baltasinskiy, Bavlinskiy, Bugul'minskiy, Buinskiy, Cheremshanskiy, Chistopol'skiy, Drozhzhanovskiy, Elabuzhskiy, Kamsko-Ust'inskiy, Kaybitskiy, Kukmorskiy, Laishevskiy, Leninogorskiy, Mamadyshskiy, Muslyumovskiy, Nizhnekamskiy, Novosheshminskiy, Nurlatskiy, Pestrechinskiy, Rybno-Slobodskiy, Sabinskiy, Sarmanovskiy, Spasskiy, Tetyushskiy, Tukaevskiy, Tyulyachinskiy, Verkhneuslonskiy, Vysokogorskiy, Yutazinskiy, Zainskiy, Zelenodol'skiy
Road network coverage of Ul'Yanovsk
Road network coverage of Aleksandrovskiy, Gorokhovetskiy, Gus'Khrustal'ny, Kameshkovskiy, Kirzhachskiy, Kol'Chuginskiy, Kovrovskiy, Melenkovskiy, Muromskiy, Petushinskiy, Selivanovskiy, Sobinskiy, Sudogodskiy, Suzdal'Skiy, Vladimir, Vyaznikovskiy, Yur'yev-Pol'skiy, Volgograd
Road network coverage of Bol'Shesel'skiy, Borisoglebskiy, Breytovskiy, Danilovskiy, Gavrilov-Yamskiy, Lyubimskiy, Myshkinskiy, Nekouzskiy, Nekrasovskiy, Pereslavskiy, Pervomayskiy, Poshekhonskiy, Rostovskiy, Rybinskiy, Tutaevskiy, Uglichskiy, Yaroslavl, Yaroslavskiy

This Garmin Map is compatible with the following devices:

  • Colorado 300
  • Colorado 400c
  • Colorado 400i
  • Colorado 400t
  • Dakota 20
  • Edge 605
  • Edge 705
  • Edge 800
  • eTrex Legend Cx
  • eTrex Legend HCx
  • eTrex Venture Cx
  • eTrex Vista Cx
  • eTrex Vista HCx
  • G60
  • GPSMAP 60CSx
  • GPSMAP 60Cx
  • GPSMAP 620
  • GPSMAP 62s
  • GPSMAP 62sc
  • GPSMAP 62st
  • GPSMAP 62stc
  • GPSMAP 640
  • GPSMAP 76CSx
  • GPSMAP 76Cx
  • GPSMAP 78
  • GPSMAP 78s
  • GPSMAP 78sc
  • GVN 52
  • GVN 53
  • nüvi 1100
  • nüvi 1100LM
  • nüvi 1200
  • nüvi 1250
  • nüvi 1260T
  • nüvi 1300
  • nüvi 1300LM
  • nüvi 1350
  • nüvi 1350LMT
  • nüvi 1350T
  • nüvi 1370T
  • nüvi 1390LMT
  • nüvi 1390T
  • nüvi 1450
  • nüvi 1450LM
  • nüvi 1450LMT
  • nüvi 1450T
  • nüvi 1490LMT
  • nüvi 1490T
  • nüvi 1690
  • nüvi 200
  • nüvi 200W
  • nüvi 205
  • nüvi 205W
  • nüvi 2200
  • nüvi 2250
  • nüvi 2250LT
  • nüvi 2300
  • nüvi 2300LM
  • nüvi 2350
  • nüvi 2350LMT
  • nüvi 2350LT
  • nüvi 2360LMT
  • nüvi 2360LT
  • nüvi 2370LT
  • nüvi 2450
  • nüvi 2450LM
  • nüvi 2460LMT
  • nüvi 2460LT
  • nüvi 250
  • nüvi 250W
  • nüvi 255
  • nüvi 255W
  • nüvi 260
  • nüvi 260W
  • nüvi 265T
  • nüvi 265WT
  • nüvi 270
  • nüvi 275T
  • nüvi 285WT
  • nüvi 295W
  • nüvi 3750
  • nüvi 3760LMT
  • nüvi 3760T
  • nüvi 3790LMT
  • nüvi 3790T
  • nüvi 465LMT
  • nüvi 465T
  • nüvi 500
  • nüvi 550
  • nüvi 750
  • nüvi 755T
  • nüvi 760
  • nüvi 765T
  • nüvi 770
  • nüvi 775T
  • nüvi 780
  • nüvi 785T
  • nüvi 850
  • nüvi 855
  • nüvi 880
  • nüvi 885T
  • Oregon 200
  • Oregon 300
  • Oregon 400c
  • Oregon 400i
  • Oregon 400t
  • Oregon 450
  • Oregon 450t
  • Oregon 550
  • Oregon 550t
  • StreetPilot 7200
  • StreetPilot 7500
  • StreetPilot c310
  • StreetPilot c320
  • StreetPilot c330
  • StreetPilot c340
  • StreetPilot c510
  • StreetPilot c530
  • StreetPilot c550
  • StreetPilot c580
  • StreetPilot i2
  • StreetPilot i3
  • StreetPilot i5
  • zūmo 220
  • zūmo 450
  • zūmo 550
  • zūmo 660
  • zūmo 665

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